5 Ways to Make Running Errands More Fun

Being a grown up is a lot of fun in a kid’s eyes, but let’s be honest, even my kid knows that I abhor running errands. Stopping at the dry cleaners and waiting in the humid sauna of a line is no fun for anyone. Looking for a spot at the grocery store while a shopping cart dents your door is the absolute worst.

If my six year old can see no redeeming factor in getting things done, even with the promise of a black and white cookie at day’s end, it’s hopeless. Or is it?

  • 1. Don’t call it “running errands,” call it “Beast Mode.” 1 of 5

    Seriously, it makes everything infinitely more fun.

  • 2. If you can’t find a parking spot right away, instead of getting frustrated, crank up the music in the minivan and SING. 2 of 5

    Better yet, rap. You have swag. Now, own it.

  • 3. Instead of crossing items off your list, cover over them with homemade emojis. 3 of 5

    There is nothing more fun than sketching a knuckle pound.

  • 4. When you’re all done, treat yourself to something nice. 4 of 5

    My weak spot is coffee.

    Boom…mind blown.

  • 5. Give yourself a high five…. 5 of 5

    ..... and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.


All pics taken by Eva Glettner.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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