50 Wacky Roadside Attractions in 50 States

According to that wacky rodent Punxsutawney Phil, we’ve only got a wee bit left of the house-bound winter blahs. You know what that means… time to start planning some springtime family fun. May we suggest a road trip? We went ahead and rounded up 50 totally ridiculous, wacky, what-were-they-thinking things to see, do, and take-a-potty-break-near in all 50 states.

From the world’s largest peanut to the country’s smallest church to a giant milk bottle, we’re banishing roadtrip boredom one state at a time. Did you discover something new about your state from our slideshow? Is there an EVEN WACKIER attraction that we totally missed? Do let us know in the comments…

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  • Alabama: Ave Maria Grotto 2 of 51

    Discover a fascinating mini-city comprising tiny replicas of 125of the world's most famous religious landmarks built by a benedictine monk.
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  • Alaska: Santa’s House in North Pole 3 of 51

    The "elves" of North Pole, Alaska have been receiving and replying to Santa's mail for decades. Visit his house and see where the Christmas magic happens.
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  • Arizona: London Bridge 4 of 51

    The real London Bridge did not fall down, it moved to Lake Havasu to party, my fair lady.
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  • Arkansas: Alligator Farm Home of the Merman 5 of 51

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  • California: Cabazon Dinosaurs 6 of 51

    These huge cement dinosaurs tower menacingly over the 10 freeway between Los Angeles and the luxe desert oasis of Palm Springs, in dusty little town of Cabazon. Visit the gift shop in the T-Rex's belly.
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  • Colorado: Mike the Headless Chicken 7 of 51

    In 1948, Mike the chicken was born. Then his head was cut off. Then he still lived for 18 months. Then a yearly festival was thrown in his honor. Then they built a statue of him, that you can now visit on your roadtrip through Colorado.
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  • Connecticut: Wells Dinosaur Haven 8 of 51

    He is a man with a dream, a dream of a world populated by hand scupluted, hand painted dinosaurs. The closest you'll get to Jurassic Park while driving through Connecticut.
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  • Delaware: Fountain of Youth 9 of 51

    It looks a little suspect, but who knows, maybe you will live forever in Delaware.
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  • Florida: Weeki Wachee Mermaids 10 of 51

    Billed as America's Last Live Mermaid Attraction, we say visit the legendary live underwater acrobatics show while the mermaids are... alive?
    Find out more at Weeki Wachee.

  • Georgia: World’s Largest Peanut 11 of 51

    This is just one really big peanut that you can drive around and look at. Why? Sometimes you feel like a nut.
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  • Hawaii: World’s Largest Pineapple 12 of 51

    Don't forget to look up when you're out and about in Honoloulu, to see the largest pineapple (water tower) in the world.
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  • Idaho: Oasis Bordello 13 of 51

    Take a stop at the Oasis Bordello Museum that was still in operation until 1988. When a fear of the feds kicked in these ladies ran and left everything behind them. Quirky and eccentric, indeed.
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  • Illinois: Leaning Tower of Niles 14 of 51

    No, you're not in Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Niles is a smaller sized replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and stands in front of the YMCA.
    Find out more at Eccentric Roadside.

  • Indiana: Lady Leg Sundial 15 of 51

    Check what time it is by using this 63 foot long lady's leg sundial.
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  • Iowa: Grotto of the Redemption 16 of 51

    The Grotto of the Redemption is the largest grotto in the world and holds the most amount of precious stones in one concentrated place. Maybe you'll get lucky and one will slip out and fall to your feet.
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  • Kansas: Largest Ball of Twine 17 of 51
    This big ol' ball of twine first started to be wound in 1953 and gets added to at the annual Twineathon. Think you'll make a trip?
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  • Kentucky: Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum 18 of 51

    Make a pit stop at one of the freakiest museums you'll ever walk into - a ventriloquist museum. Just don't get left alone in there.
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  • Louisiana: Abita Mystery House 19 of 51

    Take a peek inside the Abita Mystery House art space and check out the more than 50,000 found oddities that have been collected over time.
    Find out more at Louisiana North Shore.

  • Maine: Lenny the Chocolate Moose 20 of 51

    Ever seen a moose in real life before? What about a chocolate moose? Lenny the Chocolate Moose is a full life-size moose made completely from chocolate, delicious!
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  • Maryland: Giant Pink Flamingo 21 of 51

    Any John Waters fan can appreciate the giant pink flamingo at Cafe Hon.
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  • Massachusetts: Hood Milk Bottle 22 of 51

    Where to get the best ice cream in town? Make a pit stop at the giant milk bottle of course.
    Find out more at National Geographic.

  • Michigan: The Heidelberg Project 23 of 51

    Head down Heidelberg street to see an explosion of art and installations over houses, in vacant lots, on the street.
    Find out more at Heidleberg Project.

  • Minnesota: Giant Paul Bunyan and Blue Ox 24 of 51

    Come face to face with the legendary Paul Bunyan and his gigantic blue ox.
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  • Mississippi: Mammy’s Cupboard 25 of 51

    Whether you grab a bite to eat or hop out of the car to take a picture, you won't want to pass up a chance to get close to this 28-foot tall lady.
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  • Missouri: Precious Moments Parks 26 of 51

    This could be totally inspiring and beautiful, or very freaky.
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  • Montana: 2-Story Outhouse 27 of 51

    Hop on the two-story outhouse, but make sure to look out below.
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  • Nebraska: World’s Largest Time Capsule 28 of 51

    This 45-ton time capsule even has a car inside. Take a look at it before they open it up in 2025.
    Find out more at Listverse.

  • Nevada: Rhyolite Last Supper 29 of 51

    It would be a big surprise to see a very different interpretation of the last supper out of your car window. Another place you'd never want to go to at night.
    Find out more at Jurnii.

  • New Hampshire: Redstone Rocket 30 of 51

    This here is a very real Redstone Rocket that used to launch astronauts up to space. Apparently it's not ready to launch, but I'd hate to be the one to test that out.
    Find out more at Huffington Post.

  • New Jersey: Lucy the Elephant 31 of 51

    Get a beautiful view of the Atlantic City skyline from the best place possible, inside Lucy the Elephant.
    Find out more at Lucy the Elephant.

  • New Mexico: Tinkertown 32 of 51

    Get transported to a world like no other when you come to the twenty-two room museum called Tinkertown. The saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" will take on a whole new meaning.
    Find out more at Tinkertown.

  • New York: World’s Smallest Church 33 of 51

    You have to get to mass early to snag one of the only two seats in the church. I guess if it was packed you could just listen to it from a boat in the water.
    Find out more at Time.

  • North Carolina: World’s Largest Chest of Drawers 34 of 51

    Standing now at 38' tall you can see the World's Largest Chest of Drawers.
    Find out more at North Carolina.

  • North Dakota: W’eel Turtle 35 of 51

    On your way to Turtle Mountain State Park, keep your eyes out for 2,000 wheel rims that have been made into this beast of a turtle.
    Find out more at Travel and Leisure.

  • Ohio: A Christmas Story House 36 of 51

    See where all the magic happened, including the delivery of the famous leg lamp.
    Find out more at A Christmas Story House.

  • Oklahoma: Ol’ Blue 37 of 51

    Imagine getting Ol' Blue as an anniversary gift. In 1972 that is exactly what happened when The Blue Whale was born. Slide down his fin, swim up next to him, or enjoy a picnic on his tail.
    Find out more at Blue Whale Route.

  • Oregon: Oregon Vortex 38 of 51

    Take a visit to the Oregon Vortex and watch as the Laws of Physics are completed flip-turned upside down. People shorter will appear taller, you can never stand straight, and balls roll up.
    Find out more at Oregon Vortex.

  • Pennsylvania: Drive-Thru Strip Club 39 of 51

    Although not in service anymore, it's definitely worth making a pit stop at the only drive-thru strip club in the world.
    Find out more at Jalopnik.

  • Rhode Island: Nibbles Woodaway 40 of 51

    The largest man made bug, Nibbles Woodaway, could definitely squash you before you squash him.
    Find out more at Mass Live.

  • South Carolina: World’s Largest Fire Hydrant 41 of 51

    I'd never want to meet the big dog that uses the World's Largest Fire Hydrant.
    Find out more at ABC News.

  • South Dakota: Porter Sculpture Park 42 of 51

    Pull over to walk around the magnificent sculptures at the park. See metal sculptures of dinosaurs, fish, and more.
    Find out more at Porter Sculpture Park.

  • Tennessee: Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum 43 of 51

    Take a rest from driving at the Salt and Pepper Museum and learn about history in a whole new way, through 20,000 salt and pepper shakers from all over the world.
    Find out more at The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum.

  • Texas: Cadillac Ranch 44 of 51

    Leave your mark on these graffiti covered classics making their mark in the sand.
    Find out more at Texas Twisted.

  • Utah: Hole N The Rock 45 of 51

    Would you want to live inside a rock? See how this family made a very roomy 5,000 square foot home for themselves, complete with chimney.
    Find out more at The Hole in the Rock.

  • Vermont: Queen Connie 46 of 51

    When you're cruising down Route 7 take a peek at Queen Connie the Gorilla holding up a Beetle. Why? Why not!
    Find out more at Huffington Post.

  • Virginia: Foamhenge 47 of 51

    You don't need to book a flight across the Atlantic when you can visit an exact replica of Stonehenge made from foam.
    Find out more at Roadside America.

  • Washington: Fremont Troll 48 of 51

    On your trip to Seattle, don't take a bridge for granted, there may be a troll hiding below.
    Find out more at Roadside America.

  • West Virginia: Giants 49 of 51

    Keep your eye out for some West Virginia summertime party goers (or should I say, giants) that stand at 20 feet tall.
    Find out more at The Times.

  • Wisconsin: World’s Largest 6-Pack of Beer 50 of 51

    Sit down and enjoy 688,200 gallons of beer at the World's Largest 6-Pack of Beer.
    Find out more at Slashfood.

  • Wyoming: Fossil Cabin 51 of 51

    Take a step inside a cabin made entirely of dinosaur bones, the oldest cabin around that's for sure.
    Find out more at Medicine Bow.


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