6 Entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome Who Are Inspiring the World

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A common concern for parents of people with Down syndrome is whether or not their kids will gain independence, hold a job and have the ability to assume the common endeavors of typical people.

Only 10 years ago it was impossible to believe that a person with Down syndrome could write a book, become a fashion designer or manage his own restaurant. Today, there are hundreds of people demonstrating every day their potential and unquestionable skills.

Let’s meet six of them.

Anna Vives, typography professional: This innovative Spanish professional created the official typography for one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, FC Barcelona. Not only did she became a well-known professional after this, but also started her own foundation to support women who have been victims of exclusion or abuse of any kind.

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Tim from Tim’s Place: Tim’s story is full of hope and sweetness. This young man is in charge of greeting clients who visit his family’s restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With his charming personality, he has turned this place into a very popular restaurant where everybody is welcomed with one of his famous hugs. His family always dreamed of giving him the opportunity to feel independent and holding a typical job. His position is the most important and he’s for sure irreplaceable.

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María Reyes Mermeladas, marmalade company owner in Bogota, Colombia: María Reyes’ dream was to produce and sell her biggest passion, marmalade. With the support of her mother and family members she achieved her dream and markets the product in many cities of her country. Her face is on the logo of the product, which always look fresh and delicious.

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Ashley Deramus, fashion designer: Ashley recently launched her new clothing line for women with Down syndrome. Inspired by her own needs, she decided to create a product that fits the unique shape of women like her. The official launching was presented at the Down syndrome Congress conference in July of 2013.

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Debora Seabra, writer: This young Brazilian woman with Down syndrome not only graduated with a teaching degree, but is launching her first book for kids, “Debora conta historias.”

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Pablo Pineda, writer, speaker, actor: Spaniard Pablo Pineda holds a bachelor degree in education and was awarded the San Sebastian International Film Festival’s “Concha de Plata” as the best actor of 2009 for his leading role in the movie “Yo También.” He champions different social causes in pursuit of equality. His latest book is “El reto de aprender” “The challenge of learning.”

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The great lesson behind this six people? When you follow your dreams and use your passion and abilities with wisdom, you are transforming the world for good and inspiring others to give their best.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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