6 Gifts to Give Yourself This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be merry, so scratch the diet, the guilt, and the stress. Instead, indulge, reach out, and have fun.

1. Five Pounds
Give yourself a break on those extra pounds and let yourself enjoy good food and drink over the holidays. This is no time for dieting; just as you don’t expect to get a lot of sunlight in December, you should not expect to shed weight either. You will have fun and be more fun if you indulge a bit. Nobody wants to eat the holiday cookie or drink the eggnog without company.

2. Online Shopping
From this moment forward do the rest of your shopping online. From the big box stores to the mom and pops, they are all at your fingertips, so make your life easier by buying from home.

3. A Holiday Date Night (or Two!)
This is the time to enjoy some solo time with your partner. Book the sitter, make some plans, and dress up a bit for the occasion.

4. Family Rituals
Put a family baking night and a sibling gift swap on your holiday calendar. Set a budget and take your child shopping for sibling presents (set a low budget and make this the online shopping exception!). If he is old enough to unwrap a present on his own, he is old enough to give one.

5. Friendship
Take a few minutes to call an old friend and go local too, by planning a holiday mom’s night out. Add a gift grab bag to the night for a festive feel.

6. Zero Guilt
You are working as hard as you can to be a great mom and support your family. Replace the guilt with pride you are doing your best and you are a role model. That is something to feel great about!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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