6 Reasons Why Talking about My Minivan Will Get You Hurt!

 I am now a proud card-carrying member of the “I Drive a Minivan Club.” (If there is such a club.)

But I will be perfectly honest with you, I have not always felt this way. There was a time in my life where I would have rather died than drive a minivan. Just shoot me and bury me in a pair of moms jeans (or better yet some pajama jeans) because a minivan was soooo not me.

I thought I was fly mama with my sporty, Audi A4 (fully loaded, whipping around town with my kids in the back seat.) But my life changed so quickly. And, I went from having 2 kids to 3 kids and then to 4 kids over night. Well that’s virtually impossible, but it seems like it went that way. Then I saw my life (fly-ness) flash before my eyes, when I realized that buying a minivan was one of the best and most economical options for the family. (My husband had a SUV and the gas prices were off the charts. So we took that option off of the table completely.)

And even after we purchased it, I was ashamed to admit I owned one. If Lamar and I had a nice event to attend, or if we were invited somewhere where people would actually see us driving up and parking, then you’d better believe we were not taking the van!!

When it comes to minivans, why is it that people think that it is OK to insult you about your choice of transportation? People have no problems saying to your face: ” Oh no not me. I will never be caught dead driving a minivan…I hate them!”

So how rude is that? Imagine me saying: ” Is that your —insert name of your car here–? Well I would never be caught dead driving that car. No siree!! Not in this lifetime.”

Those are things that you think. But you don’t say them out loud to the person you are talking to. Unless of course, they are driving a minivan. Then, it’s no holds barred. I mean, you have given up on life…so people think they can say anything to you and get away with it. Right?? Wrong!!

Nowadays, I am a minivan advocate! And when someone has a snarky comment about my minivan, I am the first to speak up. And here’s why:

  • It’s great for road trips! 1 of 6
    It's great for road trips!
    Since getting the minivan, we have been road tripping it up!!! We have created lasting memories in that van, from going on vacation to driving it while we are on tour with our movies.
  • It provides affordable travel 2 of 6
    It provides affordable travel
    We are a family of 6 (7 if you count grandma who lives with us.) So as you can imagine, it would be very expensive to fly all of us to our destination. So for the price of a few tanks of gas, we are able to have an affordable vacation.
  • We can share the love 3 of 6
    We can share the love
    It's amazing how no one wants a mini van. But, as soon as we are going somewhere they want to pile in with us. Or, they are calling to borrow it because they have something to haul that will not fit into their so-called "fly" cars.
  • The kids love the space 4 of 6
    The kids love the space
    Our ten-year-old sits on the back row alone and is in her own little world. Our two youngest have their own seats on the middle row. And they are just far enough apart to keep from touching each other (aka fighting with each other). They are able to stretch out, take naps, color, eat snacks, and relax in their minivan.
  • I feel safe when our teenage son borrows it 5 of 6
    I feel safe when our teenage son borrows it
    I mean really, how much trouble is he gonna get into driving my van. He keeps a low profile in it too, driving it to his destination and promptly returning. And I like it like that!
  • It’s mine!! 6 of 6
    It's mine!!
    My van is paid for (i.e. no car payment!). So right now it represents financial freedom for me, which means it's actually looking quite good to me right now. One day, I even caught myself asking Lamar: " Did you check out that new Honda Odyssey...that thing is swa-eeeeet!!" Yes, me and Bill Compton (True Blood) are true believers now...Hallelujah! My van is dirty; it has chips and crumbs in it; one of the sliding doors does not work anymore; and it needs an air freshener (a very strong one.) But I love it and right now I would not trade it for anything else. But check back with me in about 8 years when all of my girls are in their teens.

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