6 Things You Have To Give Up When You Have Kids (But Probably Won’t Miss)

Let’s face it, once we have a baby our life as we know it is forever changed. Most of these changes are for the better. Our life has more meaning (or in some cases…just meaning), we get this great new little person to love on all day long, we have a great new excuse for why we can’t go to lame parties at night and blah blah blah we all get that some changes are good changes. But, of course, we do make sacrifices. For instance, ladies, our boobs will change and not for the better, our abs will change, too, again, not an improvement. And overall, our lifestyle must change to go with parenting, too. I made a little list of some things you will probably have to give up once you have kids but if you were truly ready for parenthood, you probably won’t care much.

  • Don’t Jump! 1 of 6
    Don't Jump!
    Skydiving. I don't know. Maybe you still skydive, but I can't even imagine taking that risk anymore. Before kids? I did it all the time. And by all the time, I mean once, but still. I'm out.
  • Getting High 2 of 6
    Getting High
    Illegal party drugs. You know like ecstasy, cocaine, Special K (except the kind with dried strawberries because that kind is delicious). You just can't do a drug that might drain your spinal fluid or keep you high for three days. I mean, I can't do any drugs, but for those of you who still could, you probably don't want to.
  • Fighting Words 3 of 6
    Fighting Words
    Getting in a fight with your husband/significant other, storming out and crashing at a friend's house.
  • LMN 4 of 6
    Laying in bed all day watching bad Lifetime movies. Sure maybe when your kids get older you could, but by then your body won't even let you stay in bed after 7:30 a.m. let alone NAP.
  • Jimmy Choos 5 of 6
    Jimmy Choos
    Spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. I never did that before because I'm a DSW gal when I buy shoes, but I've heard from friends that it's much harder to spend big bucks on shoes when you have little feet to buy for first.
  • Road Rage 6 of 6
    Road Rage
    Flipping someone off in traffic. Listen, I know you still get mad when people cut you off on the road, but you just can't risk flipping someone off in case they decide to jump out of the car and confront you — which would scare the crap out of the kids.

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