6 Ways To Make Guacamole Like A Latina

6 Guacamole recipesThey say 8 million pounds of guacamole are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, you read that correctly. ¡Madre santa! That’s a lot of this delicious mashed avocado dip. Perhaps you already have a favorite recipe or are simply looking for a different one if you’re hosting a Super Bowl party.

I’m a big fan of guacamole and avocados, but not all recipes are created equal. How do you make this yummy dip like a Latina would? Here are some great recipes that not only are super easy, they are truly delectable. And some ingredients might surprise you. Click through for my favorite ones.

  • Delicious family recipe 1 of 6
    Delicious family recipe
    Tried and true recipes are passed on from generation to generation and this guacamole is no exception. Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack with her sister Veronica Gonzalez-Smith and mom Vangie Soza shared this recipe on their Muy Bueno Cookbook and their site and it is drool-worthy. They even called it Super Bowl O Mole!
    Photography by Jeanine Thurston/Muy Bueno Cookbook
  • Traditional Mexican guacamole 2 of 6
    Traditional Mexican guacamole
    If you want the real traditional guacamole, Silvia Martinez's recipe is foolproof and so easy to make. Using only six ingredients, it yields 6 servings.
    Photo: Silvia Martinez/Mamá Latina Tips
  • G is for garlic and not only guacamole 3 of 6
    G is for garlic and not only guacamole
    This recipe adds an extra zing due to the fresh garlic. Monique Frausto's take on the traditional Mexican guacamole is great for those who want more flavor without adding heat.
    Photo: Monique Frausto/ Blogs by Latinas
  • Guacamole and flour tortilla chips 4 of 6
    Guacamole and flour tortilla chips
    Here's a fresh take on what to serve with your guacamole or rather, what to spoon it on. Nicole Presley not only shares her flavorful recipe , but she also shows you step by step how to make flour tortilla chips. They taste delicious!
    Photo: Nicole Presley/ Presley's Pantry
  • Fruity guacamole 5 of 6
    Fruity guacamole
    Looking for some fresh, juicy sweetness? You'll love this recipe by Ericka Sánchez , which adds mango and pomegranate to the avocado mix. It's not only delicious but also loaded with vitamin C.
    Photo: Ericka Sanchez/Nibbles and Feasts
  • Guacamole Salvadoran style 6 of 6
    Guacamole Salvadoran style
    This guacamole recipe from El Salvador by Tracy Lopez calls for mayonnaise. Yep, your read that right. And instead of cilantro, it has oregano. You can eat it with chips, but Tracy recommends trying it as a spread next time you make sandwiches.
    Photo: Tracy Lopez/Latinaish

Do you have a tried and true guacamole recipe? Share your links in the comments section so I can try them out, especially during Super Bowl weekend!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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