6 Wines to Get You Through The Summer

photo(12)I love wine.

There. I’ve said it and now I can go on with my life having gotten that off my chest. I really, REALLY, love Malbec. So much so that it’s on my Twitter profile because given a choice between pretty much any wine ever and Malbec, I’ll choose malbec. My second choice is Tempranillo, in case you were wondering what to gift me for my birthday.

But it’s summer and the last thing I’m craving when it’s 95 degrees is red wine. The thought of a glass of Shiraz right now makes my stomach churn. I am anti-red wine in the summer. So, what is a wine lover to do? I explored and looked beyond the deep, plummy reds and went to the lighter, sweeter side of things. And it has been good.

Below are a few of my favorite wines that I’ve been enjoying this summer. Let me know what you think and definitely let me know what you’ve been drinking. Cheers!

  • Barefoot Refresh 1 of 6

    Barefoot Refresh (my favorite is Summer Red) is Barefoot Wine's new summer beverage. This stuff has been my jam since the temperature rose above 75 degrees. It's light and well,...refreshing and it's the most perfect thing to have by your side when your wondering if this is what Hell feels like. Bonus! It's really cheap!

  • Bandit Pinot Grigio 2 of 6

    Summer requires constant travel whether to music festivals, the beach or to your neighbor's pool. What better to go with all of that travel than a box of wine that is super portable? Bandit's Pinot Grigio is delicious and if you're a fan of red wine they also have a sangria and pinot noir.

  • Hogue Gewurztraminer 3 of 6

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world who LOVES gewurztraminer. I like the spritz and its sweetness. I've been drinking a lot of Hogue Gewurztraminer to satisfy my craving.

  • Chateau Bonnet Bordeaux 4 of 6

    You know when you're wandering around the liquor store and you come across a bottle of wine that you've never seen before but hey, the price is right and it has a good rating from Wine Spectator? That's how I came across this white bordeaux. I was perusing my favorite wine store (Empire Wine if you're in the Albany area, cheap with a good selection) and boom! I found this wine: Chateau Bonnet Bordeaux. And it was delicious. Amen.

  • Gazela Vinho Verde 5 of 6
    vinho verde

    Vinho Verde is like the Yellowtail of wine: It's cheap, it's pretty good and you always know what you're going to get. My first taste of this Portuguese wine was actually from Trader Joe's where it cost like $3 a bottle. The Gazela vinho verde is cheap ($4. As in the amount of change in your car cup holder) and delicious. Get you some.

  • BONUS: Millbrook Tocai Friulano 6 of 6

    I tasted this wine recently at a fundraiser. After the first sip, I was hooked and then found it at my local liquor store. Many people don't know that New York has many wineries and vineyards that produce delicious wines. I had never heard of Millbrook Winery but after tasting this Tocai Friulano, I am looking forward to tasting more of their wines.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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