60 Second Craft: How To Make Tie-Dye Paper

60 Second Craft: How To Make Tie-Dye Paper

In this episode of 60 Second Craft, we’ll be using color dyes to create paper with explosions of color. The applications are endless gift wrap, envelopes, paper airplanes… the only limit is your imagination.

A word of warning: things can get messy when using color dyes, the kind of messy that doesn’t come out so easily. Just remember that making a mess is half the fun!



The Step-By-Step Tutorial

  • Getting Started: What You Need 1 of 4
    Getting Started: What You Need
    For this project, you will need Rit Dye in a variety of your favorite colors white card stock or butcher paper on a roll. You will also need plastic squeeze bottles to mix and apply the dye. Plastic gloves are optional, but this is dye and it does stain 🙂
  • Step 1: Apply The Dye 2 of 4
    Step 1: Apply The Dye
    Mix the color dyes of your choice in the squeeze bottles. Next, lay out your paper and decide on a pattern. Once the idea hits you, go to town on the paper using the squeeze bottles to apply the dye. There's no right or wrong way to do this, just go wherever your imagination take you.
  • Step 2: Let It Dry 3 of 4
    Step 2: Let It Dry
    After you finish applying the dye, you will need to let it air dry for 30 minutes. Otherwise, the colors will continue to bleed into anything that crosses their path.
  • Step 3: That’s It! 4 of 4
    Step 3: That's It!
    Enjoy you new hand-dyed paper! Use it to wrap a present for your best friend or let your kids take it to the skies as a paper airplane. Anything is possible!


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A big thanks to my friends Christy and Leeman for shooting the video!


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