60 Second Craft: Last Minute Costume

60 Second Craft with Handmade Charlotte: Last Minute Costume for Halloween

Still scrambling for a kid’s costume for Halloween? Don’t pay big bucks for a picked-over selection from the store. In this episode of 60 Second Craft, we’ll be sharing free printable butterfly and bee wings that will make your little one look absolutely adorable on the big night.



The Step-By-Step Tutorial

  • Getting Started: Download and Print 1 of 6
    Getting Started: Download and Print
    To get started, download the template (click here for the butterfly wings, click here for the bee wings) and print using white card stock. Go ahead and get your supplies together for the rest of the project as well: scissors, markers, ribbon, and a paper punch.
  • Step 1: Add Color 2 of 6
    Step 1: Add Color
    Using your markers, color the wings. Get creative, this is where you make your statement!
  • Step 2: Cut Out The Wings 3 of 6
    Step 2: Cut Out The Wings
    Now it's time for the wings to take shape. Using your scissors, carefully cut along the dotted lines of the template.
  • Step 3: Punch The Holes 4 of 6
    Step 3: Punch The Holes
    Now we need a way to fasten the wings to your little one. Use your paper punch to make four holes in the places marked on the template.
  • Step 4: Lace With Ribbon 5 of 6
    Step 4: Lace With Ribbon
    Lace the ribbon through the holes that you just made. Be sure the ribbon is long enough to tie around your child. The safest method is to go over the shoulders of your child with the ribbon and then back under their arms, tying the ribbon together where it meets in the middle of their back.
  • Step 5: You’re Done! 6 of 6
    Step 5: You're Done!
    Now the little wings are done and ready for your child to enjoy. Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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A big thanks to my friends Christy and Leeman for shooting the video!


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