60 Second Craft: How To Make Pumpkin Luminaries

60 Minute Craft with Handmade Charlotte: Make A Pumpkin Luminaire

Put away the knife and learn how to decorate your pumpkin with a drill in this episode of 60 Second Craft. Using a quick & simple technique,  we’ll create lovely fall lanterns that will add a warm glow to the entrance of your home.



The Step-By-Step Tutorial

  • Getting Started: What You Need 1 of 5
    Grab a few pumpkins from your local market. Be sure they don't have dark spots or bruises. Once they begin to rot, it's only a matter of days before they are a gooey mess on your porch.

    You will also need a knife (I know, I said you didn't need one, but you've still got to cut the top), a spoon, and a drill. Make sure the drill bit is long enough to make it through to the inside of the pumpkin.

    TIP: Coating the inside of your pumpkin with vaseline will help it last longer.
  • Step 1: Prepare Your Pumpkin 2 of 5
    Prepare your pumpkin as you normally would prior to carving. Cut off the top with a serrated knife and scoop out the inside with a large spoon. Before you throw everything out, remember that you can dry the pumpkin seeds and roast them for a tasty treat!
  • Step 2: Pick Your Pattern 3 of 5
    Decide on the pattern you want to use for the holes. You really can't go wrong, just make sure there are plenty of holes to allow enough light to escape and create a warm glow.
  • Step 3: Drill The Holes 4 of 5
    Drill the holes in your pumpkin. A 1/4-inch drill bit seemed to work well, but you can experiment with other sizes for different effects.
  • Step 4: Top It Off 5 of 5
    Place a candle inside and put the top back on your pumpkin. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and bask in the glow of your handiwork!


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