7 Controversial Topics To Discuss Online Now That The Election Is Over

At long last, the election is over. It was the longest campaign season in my lifetime, and boy oh boy did the tweets, status updates, and blog posts talk the process to death (yes, including me).

Controversy raged. People were unfollowed, unfriended, and blocked. It was a rough time on social media. We forgot to be civil (yes, including me).

But now that it’s over, what on earth will we talk about? How will we be able to continue to tap into that righteous indignation?

Well, good news: social media angst is not confined to election season. But since we’re all out of practice, I figured I’d remind you all of the seven most controversial things for parents to discuss online so we don’t waste that good head of steam we’ve built up over the last eighteen months. Ready?

  • Which Is Best? 1 of 7
    Which Is Best?
    Ah, the number one thing moms yell at each other about online! The breast is best! No, the bottle is fine! YOU WILL KILL YOUR BABY IF YOU USE BOTTLES! BREASTFEEDING IS SLAVERY!

    It's a good one.
  • To Snip or Not to Snip? 2 of 7
    To Snip or Not to Snip?
    It's harmful surgery! It's more sanitary!

    You can't go wrong with this one.
  • Are You My Bully? 3 of 7
    Are You My Bully?
    Bullying is bad! No, bullying builds character! We need to DEFINE bullying. Bullying must be stopped!

    This one could get heated.
  • What are you? 4 of 7
    What are you?
    Are you a "good enough" parent? Or are you a "shitty mom"?

    Good news, there are books that can argue both points!
  • Hover or Release? 5 of 7
    Hover or Release?
    Do you want your baby wrapped in bubble wrap, or do they need to learn to battle on their own?

    This one is FUN.
  • Penultimate 6 of 7
    Ah, the number one issue of the "mommy wars" is this: do you harm your child by having a job outside the home? Or are stay at home moms ruining it for everyone?

    This is the media's FAVORITE.
  • Just for Mom Bloggers 7 of 7
    Just for Mom Bloggers
    Is it a troll? Is it a critic? Is it a vulture? Are you too sensitive?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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