7 Essential Everyday Supplies Every Household Needs

I’ve been doing a ton of sorting and organizing lately and I have come to realize that we have 7 essential everyday supplies that we use at least weekly for our family projects. I literally sifted through, sorted out, and boxed up ALL of our arts, crafts, and school supplies and through it all, know that a few basic staples need to  always be on hand and easy to access. I have opted to use a small shallow tray like box for our work table for the most frequently used supplies mined from the infinite bins.

So, which supplies are they? Here’s the ones we can never live without:

  • The Essentials 1 of 8
  • A paper cutter 2 of 8

    Number 1 on our list is our table top paper cutter! We use it for everything. No more crooked cuts with scissors. No more drawing ruler lines for guides. My kids covet our cutter for all of their project needs, and so do I. Once you get one, you won't believe you ever lived without it.

  • Rubber cement 3 of 8

    I think this product is one of the best kept little secrets. Way better than glue stick or even regular glue. Rubber cement really sticks and doesn't wrinkle paper. Plus, once it's dry, it's easy to roll off any residue that might leak out the side of your paper. Huzzah!

  • Letter stamp set 4 of 8

    We've got 3 sizes of letter (and number) stamps and I will tell you, they are invaluable. We  have used them for art projects, labeling, and if you use fabric paint (instead of a stamp pad) you can print text on t-shirts! They key is not to lose any of the letters.

  • Hole punches 5 of 8

    The 3 ring hole punch is super-important for school papers. My kids (and my teacher husband) use it all the time. I personally use the small hole handheld punch for variety of my own little crafts, like gift tags and the like.

  • Decorative string 6 of 8

    I have a small surplus of embroidery thread, thin ribbon, and other decorative string to use any number of ways from wrapping gifts, to bundling things together, to small craft projects. Way more festive than plan string.

  • Sharpies 7 of 8

    I'm guessing these are staples in many people's households. Sharpies are good for everything, especially in the fall when everything that goes back-to-school has to be labeled. Having a variety of colors is always a good idea. They actually come in colored packs now. Imagine!

  • The corner rounder 8 of 8

    This is a tiny yet mighty supply to keep at your fingertips. Rounding corners of photos, cards, notes, even school projects gives them that little something extra. Super quick and simple to use and it yields artful results. It's a small detail that becomes addictive.

Do you have any supplies in your house that you would consider essential to your everyday?


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