7 Fun Ways You Can Turn “Screen Time” into Family Time

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“Screen time” gets a bad rap for being isolating. But in our family, some great memories have been made in front of a TV, computer screen or tablet. To prove that digital entertainment doesn’t have to divide you from your kids, I’ve compiled 7 ways that “screen time” becomes family time in our home:

  • 7 Ways to Turn Screen Time Into Family Time 1 of 8

    Technology gets a bad rap, but screen time can be family time too. Click through for 7 ideas how you can turn "screen time" into family time:

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  • Saturday morning cartoons 2 of 8

    Remember back in the day before 24-hour cartoon and kids' networks, when Saturday morning cartoons were A BIG DEAL? It was our one chance to gorge on animated entertainment while our parents slept in. But Saturday morning cartoons don't have to be a thing of the past! Bring back the magic by watching some old classics on Netflix, or tune into the Disney Channel to find kid favorites like Jake and the Neverland Pirates and my personal favorite, Phineas and Ferb.


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  • Family movie night 3 of 8

    Family Movie Night is a regular event in our household, and while it's not always easy to find movies that suit kids ages 4 to 15, with a little compromise (and the help of some of our favorite Disney flicks) we always make it work. Add popcorn and you've got yourself a party.


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  • eBooks 4 of 8

    Apps aren't just for games! Read interactive kids' books on your tablet and make storytime even more magic.


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  • YouTube funnies 5 of 8

    With parental supervision, YouTube is a virtual treasure trove of funny and informative videos. Some of our family's favorites include the classic Charlie Bit Me! and Minecraft parody videos. 


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  • Video Games for the Whole Family 6 of 8

    As a rule, I'm completely disinterested in video games. Disney Infinity is one notable exception! It features characters I love and plenty of room for imagination. Even just watching the kids play is fun!

  • Staying In Touch 7 of 8

    I travel several times a year for business, and the kids' grandmother spends most of the year in Florida, so our smartphone screens have become awesome ways to stay connected. Using FaceTime or the Google Hangouts app you can have a face-to-face conversation from hundreds of miles away. 

  • Playing Together 8 of 8

    There are so many cool apps and games for kids - and I admit I'm having a lot of fun playing the girly ones with my one and only daughter. In this picture we're playing with the Disney Princess Royal Salon app, and it's truly awesome — you can style your favorite Disney princess's hair and choose from a bunch of clothes and accessories.

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