7 Indespensible Beauty and Style Apps

In the good ol’ days, we used to have to rely on old-fashioned relics like magazines or television or, you know,  friends in order to get beauty tips or to see what styles are trending. But these days, there’s a treasure trove of resources online — including on our smartphones. Whether you’re a smartphone junkie or someone who tries to use it sparingly, why not use it to your advantage? Thanks to a ton of great mobile apps devoted to beauty and style, your best modern resource is just a quick tap away.

Out shopping and need advice on which product to buy? Wishing you could see what might look good on you? Sitting at home all snug on your couch and just want to check out the latest trends? There’s an app (or two, or three) for all those situations. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite apps for the beauty- and style-obsessed.

Top beauty and style apps

Beautylish (free)

This app really has it all, including product reviews from real customers, recaps of current trends, step-by-step video tutorials, nail designs, and hairstyles. There are forums to ask questions and get tips on all things beauty. You can even shop right from your iPhone. Yes, this app is dangerously handy.

GoodGuide (free)

Looking for safe, healthy, and ethical beauty products .. .but don’t want to have to spend your life trying to find them? GoodGuide is the answer. Scan the barcode while you shop and learn how a product rates on a scale from 0-10 “based on its health, environmental and social impact.” You can even personalize your own account so it measures the things you believe are important for your products.

Pretty In My Pocket (free)

Yes, the acronym is PRIMP. Very clever. This app will help you make smart consumer purchases. Scan the barcode while you shop (even score some coupons while you do it), and you’ll see what people have to say about it. There are photos from bloggers, makeup artist, and other experts to help with whatever look you are trying to achieve. Many of these experts reveal what products they used to create those killer looks.

Beauty Mark ($2.99)

As highlighted on the Today Show, Beauty Mark help you put your look together. Mix-and-match various colors across different skin tones until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Watch videos too to help you switch up your look before you try it on your own face. Don’t miss the “Ask the Pro” section if you’re needing some advice.

HairStyle Makeover (free)

Before you go to the salon with a new hairstyle in mind, make sure it’s going to look the best on you. Upload your own photo or take a new one using the built-in camera. Then, go crazy. This app lets you try on professional styles before you commit at the salon. Stick to the 5-10 free samples are included in each category, or expand the style offerings with in-app purchases.

Stylebook ($3.99)

Pricier than most apps, but this one is well-worth the price for anyone who needs a hand at wardrobe organization. Make the most of your closet by uploading photos of your clothes. Then use the app to create outfits, make stress-free vacation packing lists, and keep an eye on your outfit trends. It’s completely customizable! Seen in The New York Times and in Good Housekeeping too!

ShopStyle (free)

For the avid shopper who doesn’t always have the time to keep tabs on the latest trends and best sales, ShopStyle searches a huge database of online stores to help you browse the latest fashions. Do keyword search or set price/color/style filters within categories. Set alerts for specific items or brands (Is Anthropologie having a sale?). Buy directly. Invaluable for savvy shoppers.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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