7 iPhone Apps for New Parents

We’ve all been there. You’ve tried everything to get your baby to fall asleep but nothing’s working. Or you’re in the grocery store and need a five minute distraction for your toddler. Or maybe you’re visiting friends and they don’t have a baby monitor.

Well, if you’re an iPhone owner, then help is right there in your pocket.

Among the thousands of iPhone applications that are available for download are dozens that can help you soothe, entertain, distract or monitor your young child. Here are a few of the best:

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  • 1. Baby Monitor 2 of 8
    1. Baby Monitor
    The iPhone is slowly but surely rendering other gadgets obsolete. Case in point: the Baby Monitor. Now you don't need the clunky walkie-talkie to keep an ear out for your sleeping tot. Simply place your iPhone near the napper, and it will detect noise when the baby wakes up, and even movement if the baby tries to pick up the phone. When the app detects movement or noise, your iPhone will call you at any number and let you know it's time to play.
  • 2. Baby Tracker: Diapers 3 of 8
    2. Baby Tracker: Diapers
    Certainly not the most glamorous aspect of parenting, diaper changing is nonetheless important to monitor and keep track of. Baby Tracker will help you record changing times, as well as the contents of the diaper even getting specific as to color, size, and shape, if you're not too grossed out! This information could help you answer a doctor's questions, especially if you tend to be a little foggy on the details of the 3 a.m. change.
  • 3. White Noise 4 of 8
    3. White Noise
    Parents of kids who have trouble sleeping don't need to invest in a costly noise machine. With the free version of this app, you can simply turn your iPhone into one. Lull little ones to the land of nod with 8 free sounds, or for 99 cents get the storm version, full of thunder booms and lightening crashes. An upgrade to the full version of White Noise $1.99 gets you over 40 sounds.
  • 4. Preschool Adventure 5 of 8
    4. Preschool Adventure
    The most curious youngsters will undoubtedly want a turn using your fancy iPhone. Preschool Adventure contains many activities parents can do with their toddlers and preschoolers, including matching animals, shapes and colors. Activities are accompanied by realistic sounds and voice-overs.
  • 5. Koi Pond 6 of 8
    5. Koi Pond
    When you launch Koi Pond, you get a screen filled with lots of swimming fish, and tranquil outdoor sounds playing in the background. When you touch the screen the fish swim away, only to swim back into view after a short wait. There are lily pads to move around and food to feed them too.
  • 6. Bubbles 7 of 8
    6. Bubbles
    Bubbles isn't the same as Bubble Wrap, although it may seem like it. With this app you draw your finger across a blank screen to create the bubbles. Then, as they fall down the screen, you pop them with your finger. A simple concept but we know kids love bubbles and this is definitely one that will soothe that toddler crying in the shopping cart!
  • 7. Color Tilt 8 of 8
    7. Color Tilt
    Color Tilt is an app that lets you draw by bringing your finger across the screen, but the color you're drawing in is determined by which way you are tilting the iPhone. It's a great use of the iPhone's capabilities, making any scribble look very cool!

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