7 Items to Get Rid of From Your Wardrobe


Marina Dobreva, a personal stylist from New York, has a few suggestions for what items to get rid of out of your closet….

Here you go!

  • Faded Black Clothes 1 of 9
    Faded Black Clothes
    It's so easy to keep old faded black sweaters, tank tops, t-shirts and cardigans around. She says to put them in the good-bye pile! (Also, she recommends buying wool cardigans and sweaters as they don't fade like cotton and will last longer.)
  • Shrunken Sweaters 2 of 9
    Shrunken Sweaters
    Sometimes these things just get folded up and held onto for years. She says to just buck up and throw them out. They will never look good and just take up space.
  • Skin Tight T’s 3 of 9
    Skin Tight T's
    Skin tight Ts are not going to look good or natural on anyone...she recommends a looser T.
  • Wear a Looser T Instead… 4 of 9
    Wear a Looser T Instead... this one.
  • Old Flats 5 of 9
    Old Flats
    Beat up flats need to go! It doesn't matter how much you paid, how long you've had them, what brand they are, etc....if they are worn out, it's time to part ways as otherwise they can just ruin a nice outfit. Replace with fresh, clean, structured flats.
  • Cargo Pants 6 of 9
    Cargo Pants
    All the pockets (all 8 of them) are just too chunky. She doesn't think these are very flattering on a woman.
  • Faded Light Denim 7 of 9
    Faded Light Denim
    She highly prefers dark denim over faded denim as the dark wash just holds up better. She says to bag up all your old denim and replace it with one or two pairs of really nice dark pairs...
  • Wear Dark Jeans Instead… 8 of 9
    Wear Dark Jeans Instead... these.
  • Black Shoes 9 of 9
    Black Shoes
    She thinks black shoes should go! For your wear-with-everything shoes, go with nude tones. They elongate your legs and look better with everything.

P.S.  Marina works with clients with all budgets in NYC.  She can be reached at

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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