7 Movies to Watch When You’re In a Funk


Lately I have been in a funk. And by “funk” I mean mildly depressed/anxiety-ridden state. Don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m just pregnant! And pregnancy plus Alison equal a whole lot of crazy. But we can talk about that later!

But we all get in funks, yes? And when I’m in a funk I cannot stand to watch a movie that challenges my mind too much or is too inspirational. Haha.

Then again, I can’t watch absolute mindless drivel, because then the anxiety starts to creep up on me and then the movie has not served its purpose: to give my mind a bit of a break or cheer me up.

So just in case you feel a funk coming on, I thought I’d share some of my favorite movies to watch that, in my opinion, are the perfect mix of mindless and interesting. If that is possible.

Here they are, in no particular order,

7 movies to watch when you’re in a funk:

  • Marie Antoinette 1 of 7
    Marie Antoinette
    For some reason I can watch Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette over and over again. For me it's both a good movie to zone out to, or to have on while I do something else. A lot of people think this movie is slow or boring, but I think it is so visually beautiful it is inspiring. It also has a wonderful soundtrack. Maybe it's the dresses, maybe it's all the sweets, or maybe it's a pudgy Jason Schwartzman? There's not much plot, but whatever it is, I love it.
    Image source: Marie Antoinette on Amazon
  • Waitress 2 of 7
    This is a pretty random movie, but I love it! Keri Russell plays a waitress who adores baking pies and hates being pregnant. Sound like anyone else you know? Ha! No, because I'm not romantically involved with my doctor. Anyway, Keri's character is always imagining elaborate pies, she's got some funny friends, and Any Griffith might randomly fit in somehow. All in all it's the perfect mix of fun and frivolous.
    Image source: Waitress on Amazon
  • Wild Target 3 of 7
    Wild Target
    I feel like everyone somehow missed this movie! It's only a couple of years old and it has Emily Blunt and Ron from Harry Potter. You know, Ron Weasley. Also Bill Nighy is like super sexy, yes he's fairly old and an assassin, but sigh, he's a dreamboat. Emily plays your fairly typical manic-pixie dream girl, but she's so fun to watch it doesn't even bother me.
    Image source: Wild Target on Amazon
  • Julie and Julia 4 of 7
    Julie and Julia
    I think the general consensus about this movie is, "I don't like it that much but I always am in the mood to watch it." It could be all the amazing food, but I think we all know it's mostly Meryl Streep. Thank goodness Chris Messina (Julia's husband) has redeemed himself with The Mindy Project. It's not that he's bad in this movie; it's just that he is always chewing with his mouth open.
    Image source: Julie and Julia on Amazon
  • Just Friends 5 of 7
    Just Friends
    Basically almost any Anna Farris flick will cheer me up. This movie has a lot of gross humor and slapstick comedy. Usually I'm not really into either of those, but for some reason this movie gets a free pass. Even if you hate it, I bet it will cheer you up.
    Image source: Just Friends on Amazon
  • Pitch Perfect 6 of 7
    Pitch Perfect
    I know everyone is ranting and raving about how funny this movie is, and maybe that turns you off. But if you haven't seen it, please do. It's a total gem and lives up to the hype.
    Image source: Pitch Perfect on Amazon
  • Assassin in Love 7 of 7
    Assassin in Love
    Apparently I have a thing for assassins and black humor. But I also have a HUGE thing for Damien Lewis. And he's so unbelievably charming as a reformed hit man it's unreal. Don't judge this movie by its cover; I have no idea why both of their heads look so horribly photoshopped.
    Image source: Assassin in Love on Amazon

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