What Your Man Really Wants for Valentine’s Day (Hint: It’s Not That Original)

I feel like I’ve been failing in the gift department for my husband lately. For Christmas and birthdays we tend to buy our own gifts, or tell each other what to buy, or decide that we aren’t going to do gifts. And overall there has been a serious lack of fun. I’ve gotten sloppy and pretty lazy and that just isn’t right.

So for Valentine’s Day this year, I want to hit it out of the park!

I want to give my man something he actually wants for Valentine’s Day, but I also want there to be a bit of magic.

So I decided to ask my hubby, Eric, a few questions about what a husband REALLY wants for Valentine’s Day, and maybe it will help you WOW your man too.

So here are 7 Questions to ask your husband to find out what he really wants, plus my hubby’s answers!

1. What is your most favorite gift I’ve ever given you (for any holiday or occasion)?
“Man, I’m trying to think. There’s been so many (kind of sarcastically). Go to the next one.”

2. Do you consider something I wear a gift for you?
“Absolutely. Or not wear.”

3. Honestly, do you want something with my picture in or on it?
“I’m confused, sure? I don’t know. Will you be dressed?”

4. Do you wish I’d take over some of the date-night planning for the 14th?
“No, but I’m glad you let me make plans for the 13th because it makes things a lot less stressful for me. I like planning the date, but I hate planning things ON Valentine’s Day, plus the food is usually better NOT on Valentine’s. But actually, sure, it’d be fun one year if you took over. I’d love that.”

5. Do you like a coupon book or some written promises?
“Yes, but then I feel guilty using them. Because when I want to use them most you are not in the mood. So I don’t get to use them. So, no. Because I don’t use them.”

6. Do you prefer a handmade gift to a store-bought one?
“I’m leaning towards handmade. I know it sounds sappy, but it is more meaningful so it’s really special to me.”

7. If you could pick your most perfect Valentine’s day gift ever what would it be?
“Hmmmmmm. Probably sex. Three times, in one day, with you instigating it. That would be the best Valentine’s day ever.”

8. OK QUESTION #1 again:
“Well, probably the count-down advent calendar you made for our wedding day, with every day closer to our wedding exposing another reason why you wanted to marry me.” (Then I started tearing up because I forgot I even made that.)

So there you have it! Men, or at least my man, wants two things: sap and sex. HA! A little bit of tenderness, a handmade note with reasons I love him, and of course, the obvious.

I feel SO much better prepared for Valentine’s Day this year! You should try asking these questions too! I was so surprised by his answers. Well, not the sex part, but the other part!

Happy love day!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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