7 Recipes to Start Your Halloween Night Off Right

We know that Halloween is all about the candy, but how do you get the kids out the door with a full belly so that bag full of trick-or-treat candy doesn’t become their dinner? Here are a few recipes that are not only nutritious and delicious, but also a ton of fun to make with your kids to get the party started!

  • Pizza Mummies 1 of 7
    Pizza Mummies
    A great activity to do with kids! They can decorate their own mummies with sauce, cheese and olives. Dinner is ready in no time! Recipe for Pizza Mummies.
  • Freaky Franks 2 of 7
    Freaky Franks
    Get your little ghouls in a spooky, creepy mood with these Freaky Franks. Deliciously creepy! Recipe for Freaky Franks.
  • Witches Brew 3 of 7
    Witches Brew
    Cast an enchanting spell on your little witches and wizards with this Witches Brew. They'll be waving their wands for more! Recipe for Witches Brew.
  • Buggy Nacho Dip 4 of 7
    Buggy Nacho Dip
    This nacho cheese dip has been infested with bugs! At least bugs are packed with protein, right? Recipe for Buggy Nach Dip.
  • Mummy Dogs 5 of 7
    Mummy Dogs
    When you serve Mummy Dogs to your family you'll be all wrapped in fun. Kids have a blast wrapping their own dogs too! Recipe for Mummy Dogs.
  • Spookie Smoothie 6 of 7
    Spookie Smoothie
    There is nothing spookier than a vat filled with green goo. What's even better is that this Spookie Green Smoothie is full of nutrients and flavor! Recipe for Spookie Smoothie.
  • Creepy Fingers 7 of 7
    Creepy Fingers
    Make Halloween night even more fun with an added touch of creepy! These Creepy Fingers looks eerily real, and the kids will have a blast making and then devouring them! Recipe for Creepy Fingers.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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