7 Simple Ideas for Creative DIY Gift Tags

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Are you ready to learn a few easy ways you can make your own creative gift tags? The season of giving is upon us, which means so is the season of wrapping. Time to elevate your gift giving experience (for both you and your recipient) by making your own DIY gift tags. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to personalize your gifts and showcase your creativity. Here are some easy ways to create a little gift giving magic. Ready. Set. Let’s make some gift tags!

  • Let’s get our gift tag on! 1 of 9

    You'll need: 1. Paper to print on (I prefer a brochure paper in a matte finish. It's a card stock that I can use in my printer that prints photos beautifully). 2. A hole punch. 3. Festive string or thin ribbon. 4. Your creativity, of course.

  • Paint one. 2 of 9

    With the ease of an app like Fresh Paint for Windows 8.1, you can paint a masterpiece using an adorable template from the free Holiday pack. I used this snow globe and added my own artistic flair by painting it in Fresh Paint. Cutting out the unique shape makes it even more unique. Adorable. Plus, my daughter collects snow globes so this will be on one of her gifts.

  • Draw on one. 3 of 9
    DIY Gift Tags

    Another way to use the Fresh Paint app is to import your own photograph and then add artwork to that. I had the most fun working with this Dandelion I captured with my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone and making it that much more whimsical.

  • Print one. 4 of 9

    I found a million free printables to download from Pinterest and personalized a few. Of course, my favorites are those that include my own photos like this one offered by Thirty Handmade Days. I printed it out, printed out a picture of my teenager and glued it down. Swoon. Thanks Leticia Barr for sharing this!

  • Just add words. 5 of 9

    Again, using my photos is always my go-to way to start. For this winter wonderland shot (again captured with my Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone) I opted to keep it visually simple and just use an app like ALSee (found in the Windows app store) to type in my message of choice. Use a festive gift tag like this for something like the homemade cookies you're giving to all of your neighbors. Note to self, time to start baking.

  • Cut one out. 6 of 9

    Print out a simple small photo, use any paper punch and presto! You've cut out the perfect gift tag. I have been known to use circles, scalloped squares and tiny rectangles, like the one shown (just make sure the shape is large enough to write on, you can also use a pretty printed paper). Personalized and easy-peasy.

  • Repurpose one. 7 of 9

    You don't have to reinvent the gift tag to make it unique and personal. There's plenty of ways to use what you've already got. One of my favorite gift tag ideas is to use some of my Project Life Scrapbooking cards. Between the colors, patterns, and messages, you can't really beat them. I just write a personal message and punch a hole in it and it's good to go. Thank you Becky Higgins!

  • Start from scratch. 8 of 9

    I tried my hand at creating my own art using Fresh Paint and it worked quite well,  it was pretty fun too. Usually someone who takes their cues from photos, this was a "fresh" approach for me as I tapped into my inner-Picasso and expressed myself.

  • Attach it. 9 of 9

    Don't forget that the ribbon or string you choose for your gift tag is as important to the tag itself. The possibilities are endless and each tag might warrant a totally unique ribbon or string; color, shape, texture, style. Just remember, pay attention to the "whole package" to get the most creative bang for your buck. Or, if you don't have a hole punch or string, you could skip the pomp and circumstance and use a fancy paper clip to clip it on instead. Don't be afraid to explore different ideas and rest assured, your recipient will love your handmade gift tag!


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