7 Things I Did Not Do Before I Was a Mom

Before I was a momYes, we all know life is never the same after we have children. For the most part, thank goodness for that. I wouldn’t trade extra sleep for my children. I simply love being their mom. The exhaustion, though, not so much.

As my son turned 10 a few weeks ago, I realized that we tend to miss the things we used to do before becoming parents. Such as sleeping. But I realized there are many things I never did before I had my kids. Aside from openly discussing bodily functions (especially the first year of my kids’ lives), getting used to noise at all times and sometimes making a meal out of my children’s leftovers, I discovered quite a few fairly new habits I picked upon after becoming a mom.

What did you start doing after you gave birth? Here’s what I began doing once I had kids:

  • Caffeine addiction 1 of 7
    Caffeine addiction
    Before I was a mom I seldom drank coffee. After my second child, I cannot function without it.
  • Sports fan 2 of 7
    Sports fan
    I hardly knew the name of basketball, baseball and football teams. Now, courtesy of my sports-crazed son, I not only know and follow them, but I also am a die-hard Miami Heat fan. The night Lebron James announced he was signing with the Heat, I started cheering in the middle of a TV show taping and had to call my son to share the joy.
  • Fear of flying 3 of 7
    Fear of flying
    Traveling has always been one of my hobbies and I had no qualms about flying. All of that changed once I became a mom. Any slight turbulence makes my heart race and all I can do during a bumpy flight is pray we land safely because my kids need me.
  • Saved by the ponytail 4 of 7
    Saved by the ponytail
    Some mornings there is not enough time to wash my hair. And yes, sometimes I have used a scrunchie. Enough said.
  • Know true, unconditional love 5 of 7
    Know true, unconditional love
    While bonding with your baby may take time, for me, love was instant. And the more my children grow, the more I love them.
  • Concealer dependence 6 of 7
    Concealer dependence
    I am tired of people saying I look tired, so I am constantly hiding my dark circles with sunglasses, and under-eye concealer to fake a fresh, rested look.
  • Drive a big car 7 of 7
    Drive a big car
    Carpools, after-school activities, and playdates make driving a big car with three rows of seats almost a necessity. Before I had kids I never thought i would drive such a huge car, but it's a lifesaver.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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