7 Ways To Celebrate National Housewives Day on November 3rd

National Housewives DayHousewife.

I don’t know why but that word feels very minimizing to me. Like I’m a woman chained to her home and only allowed out when the refrigerator needs refilling. Like all I’m good for is scrubbing the toilet. I’m sure not everyone who uses that word means it in a derogatory manner, but I can’t help but think bad things when I hear it.

Yesterday, I heard from a company called Voli Spirits. I’m sure they’re nice people. At least I’d like to think they are. They sent me tweets and posted on my Facebook wall with lovely words about the work I do at Postpartum Progress, which I really appreciate.

Recognition is nice. I’ve been working my butt off on blogging for 8+ years now, and every now and then when someone throws a bit of acknowledgment my way it makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something.

But then I clicked the links and saw that this is all part of a Voli Spirits campaign called “Housewife Heroes.” Cringe. Well okay, I thought, they’re still being nice so I’ll just overlook the fact that they’re calling me a housewife. Maybe it’s a foreign company and they just aren’t comfortable enough with the language to know that being labeled a housewife hero doesn’t feel particularly appealing.

Then I read their description of Housewife Heroes: “… about house wives who do more than just sit at home – they take care of kids, have a job, clean the house, and everything in between.”

More than just sit at home? Everything in between? Really?! Wow.

For a minute, I thought I was stuck in the midst of an episode of Mad Men. Dear people of Voli, what are you thinking? Did Don Draper and Roger Sterling develop this idea for you? Did they convince you that tying a marketing campaign to National Housewives Day on November 3rd is a solid idea?

I could rail against this. I could say that Voli Spirits has made a huge mistake. Instead, I think I’ll roll with it. Maybe we should just accept that we are all housewives, and be happy that we get a day each year to be celebrated for our sacrifices. Why not embrace it, friends?

Here are seven ideas to make your National Housewives Day the best ever. You may notice there are lots of exclamation points involved, but that’s because I think we deserve them, ladies!!

  • Sing and Scrub! 1 of 8
    Sing and Scrub!
    While you scrub the toilet, perform karaoke. It's sure to make the day a great one!
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  • Stay in Your Skivvies! 2 of 8
    Stay in Your Skivvies!
    Fold the clothes in your underwear. It will make you feel super sexy.
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  • Revive Your Mitts! 3 of 8
    Revive Your Mitts!
    Replace those old oven mitts. You know they make you feel dowdy. Look how happy she is with hers! C'mon girl. You deserve this.
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  • Don A Bandana! 4 of 8
    Don A Bandana!
    Just for today, throw caution to the wind and wear a cute bandana.
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  • Family Fun! 5 of 8
    Family Fun!
    Even better, have the kids join you in the Housewives Day fun and wear bandanas, too.
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  • Coffee Klatch! 6 of 8
    Coffee Klatch!
    See if you can get your husband to let you out of cleaning so that you can invite your friends over to drink coffee and gossip.
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  • Better Supplies! 7 of 8
    Better Supplies!
    Get yourself a blue towel. This housewife loves to use her blue towel when cleaning, and so will you.
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  • Party’s Over 8 of 8
    Party's Over
    I hope you've had as much fun as I have, friends. Now go put on your sexy dress and get cooking, because your man's gonna be home soon. Until next year!!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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