7 Ways to Rejuvenate This Holiday Season

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The holidays are awesome… mostly.  Sometimes they can be a little rough, and more often than not they’re just downright stressful for everyone involved.  Between the holiday cards (mine are sitting in a stack on my desk, unwritten and without postage), all the holiday parties for work and friends, cookie exchanges and a-million-and-one very, very important not-to-be-missed orchestra, band, and drama performances, (not to mention miscellaneous grade school Christmas plays) a girl can get a little frazzled around the edges.  For me, the first thing to go (aside from my healthy diet *ahem*) is my skin.  When I get stressed, my face shows it: acne breakouts and dry, flaky skin are among the biggest culprits but I’ve heard some people (I’m talking about a friend here) can get stressed enough to break out in hives.  Let’s not do that this holiday season.  Let’s be calm people, happy people, super not-stressed, on-top-of-it-all, the-holidays-are-meant-to-feel-happy people.

How is one to achieve such inner zen?  I’m glad you asked.  I have 7 delicious DIY beauty recipes for you – treat yourself happy this holiday season and spread the positive energy!

  • Avocado Facial 1 of 7

    You say avocado? I say facial, avocado facial. 

    Dry Skin Rescue Facial Homemade DIY

  • DIY Rose Sugar Scrub 2 of 7
    tea rose sugar

    A dose of summer and a bit of English rose scrub to brighten your day.

    Coconut Tea Rose Sugar Scrub

  • DIY Citrus Perfume 3 of 7
    DIY citrus perfume

    Dreaming of warmer days?  There's a perfume for that: DIY citrus perfume.

  • Strawberry Facial 4 of 7
    DIY strawberry facial

    Just the smell of these strawberries will transport you back to lazy August days.

    How to Make Your Own Strawberry Facial

  • DIY Hand Cream 5 of 7
    DIY hand cream

    Hands feeling dry and cracked?  Just whip up some easy DIY hand cream.

  • Winter Oatmeal Mask 6 of 7
    oatmeal lavendar facial

    Oatmeal is terrific at fighting acne and rejuvenating your skin.  Try an Oatmeal Lavender Facial to de-stress your face.

  • Make Your Own Lip Scrub 7 of 7
    how to make lip scrub at home

    Sugar and limes?  No, we're not making a cocktail, it's time to exfoliate those dry cracked lips.  It will taste almost as good, promise.

    How to Make Lip Scrub at Home

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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