8 Creative Ways to Print Instagram Photos

I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t yet been one to print Instagram photos. I have no idea why. I love photographs that I can hold in my hands and so enjoy using my photos for tangible treasure and trinkets. But, until now, I haven’t really committed to taking the few minutes to get all of these pictures printed out! It’s probably no surprise to anyone that I have nearly 4,000 images living on my iPhone at this very minute. And of those 4,000, only about a dozen, give or take, have been printed and/or made into any kind of tangible photo item, book or otherwise. Although I have been known to get crafty with my photos, I really want to start doing more with them. I know I am not alone! It seems ridiculous to me that with so many images being taken, so few of them are being printed and/or enjoyed in any other form but on our devices.

I still recall the days when waiting for the photos to be developed and printed for pick-up was all part of the process! I could go on and on about it. But, I am an advocate for progress and although I wouldn’t change the digital age of photography for anything, I do admit, I miss having pictures to hold in my hand. The beauty is, for those creatives who are committed to getting their images off of their devices and into their hands, there are all kinds of unique and clever ways to print pictures, in this case your Instagram pictures, right from your phone and/or laptop. Talk about creative and convenient!

Check out these 8 awesome ways to easily print your Instagram pictures for super-cool results.


  • Let’s do this! 1 of 9
    Print Your Instagram Picturess

    With all the photos we take with our mobile phones, we owe it to ourselves to print out our favs! Don't you think?

  • Magnets 2 of 9

    Check out these cool magnets from Stickygram. They're $14.99 per sheet of 9.

  • iPhone case 3 of 9

    Casetagram offers personalized iPhone cases. They're around $39.95  but prices vary by phone model.

  • Stickers 4 of 9

    Look at these adorable stickers from Instagoodies, They're $4.99 a pack.

  • Thumbnail box 5 of 9

    This thumbnail photo box from Mpix looks so awesome! They start at $49.95.

  • Pillow 6 of 9

    How about this sweet Mini pillow from Stitchtagram? The mini is $41.00.

  • Tiles 7 of 9

    These tiny tiles by Image Snap are pretty sweet. They are $4.00 each.

  • Mug 8 of 9

    There's a nifty Instamaker photo mug from Zazzle. This one is $14.95.

  • Tiny book 9 of 9

    And how can you resist these tiny books from Printstagram? They're 3 for $10.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other great ideas to add to the list? Feel free to share!


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