8 Disney Infinity Characters You Might Run Into in School

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Kids are back in school, days are full of homework and new friends are being made everyday. I love listening to my children’s adventures when they come back from school and it never ceases to amaze me how there are always certain personalities in each class. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you grow up, it seems it’s only human to have a few characters in any group. There always seems to be a class clown, somebody that combines brains and beauty, and unfortunately, also a mean classmate that enjoys making others suffer. Thank goodness for the heroes that also seem to always be present in every class, who aren’t afraid to stand up for the weak.

Inspired by Disney Infinity, here are 8 characters you might encounter during the school year (and how to act around them):

  • You can find a few characters in school 1 of 9
    Disney Infinity characters you might see in school

    Forget about animated characters. You will find some real characters when you look around your class in school. Check out 8 you will probably see in school, inspired by Disney Infinity

  • Mr. Incredible 2 of 9
    mr. incredible

    The school hero who is always standing up for the younger or weaker kids. He or she might be in your same grade or might be watching out for bullies on the playground, but the school hero is definitely somebody you can look up to. Be inspired and stand up for what you believe in, too.

  • Syndrome 3 of 9
    Disney Infinity character Syndrome

    The mean guy. We all wish there wasn't a mean guy or girl on campus, but chances are, you will run into one. If that's the case, know that it is not okay for anybody to make you feel bad, to constantly tease you or embarrass you. Share what is happening with a teacher, your parents or other adults, so they can take action. Because even if it is to be expected that not everybody in school will be nice, that doesn't mean it is ever okay.

  • Mike Wazowski 4 of 9
    Disney Infinity Mike

    Mike Wazowski was the ultimate class clown in Monsters University.  Every school has somebody that loves making everybody laugh. The only problem with this type of school character is that he or she often gets into trouble, because despite being funny, teachers need their students to concentrate and learn.

  • Holley 5 of 9

    What a wonderful combination Holley has: beauty AND brains. Do you know anybody like that? Using your brain enhances all your other qualities and I always tell my own kids that what's on the outside is never as important as what is in the inside.

  • Dash 6 of 9

    There's always somebody that surprises you. Dash might be small, but he sure is speedy! Don't let appearances deceive you, because your class will be full of hidden gems, of new friends waiting to be discovered and great personalities waiting to come out of their shell.

  • Sulley 7 of 9

    The campus prankster is always looking for new ways to surprise everybody. Sometimes the pranks can be a bit annoying, though, and very disruptive, so this is not a character that is popular with teachers. Pranksters seem to be more common in middle school and high school. They get a kick out of doing the unexpected and enjoy the extra attention. 

  • Mrs. Incredible 8 of 9
    mrs incredible

    If you are lucky, there is more than one Mrs. Incredible in your school. She's the mom who volunteers, organizes fundraisers, rallies parents and defeats any menace to the school. She's so flexible she always gets the job done! 

  • Captain Jack Sparrow 9 of 9
    captain jack sparrow

    The school charmer who's fun and fearless will remind you of Captain Jack Sparrow. Just beware of anybody who is using his charm to get you to do what he wants. Stay true to your own values and to what you believe is correct, because sometimes the charmers enjoy manipulating others. Enjoy their company, have fun together but keep your eyes open.

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