7 Great Election Apps

Whether you are a political junkie or more of a casual voter, there is an app for you in this election season.

This round up offers you Droid or iOS apps that you can use to make informed voting decisions and may even help you win debates with friends and family!

We have included a great role-playing game for you (or perhaps your kids) to simulate a true run for office such as wooing voter strategies, manage budgets and more.

Take this opportunity to engage your kids in the privilege and civic obligation of this amazing right we enjoy as US citizens. I always find it fascinating to dig into what kids understand about the issues facing their future and how they rationalize a preference for one candidate or another.

Share any of your favorite apps with us here too…

  • VoteHub 1 of 8
    Find your polling place and more
  • NBC Politics 2 of 8
    NBC Politics
    The NBC Politics app offers up-to-the-minute NBC news coverage of the upcoming election. The app also features two maps — one that simulates election result and another real-time map that shows primary and, soon, election night results.
    Get the app for your iPhone, free
  • Stitcher 3 of 8
    The Stitcher radio app allows user to listen to over 10,000 radio shows, live stations, and podcasts on demand. Use it to listen to your favorite political commentators.
    Get Stitcher for your iPhone or your Android, free
  • TPM Poll Tracker 4 of 8
    TPM Poll Tracker
    Are you poll hungry?This TPM Poll Tracker app lets you keep up with all the most recent poll results. You can also activate push notifications for all the latest updates.
    Get TPM Poll Tracker for your iPhone, free
  • Politico Playbook Mobile 5 of 8
    Politico Playbook Mobile
    Get all of Politico columnist Mike Allen's Playbook articles directly on your phone for a briefing of the big news in Washington each day.
    Get Politico Playbook Mobile for your iPhone or your Android, free
  • Obama or Romney Apps 6 of 8
    Obama or Romney Apps
    Each candidate has his own mobile app which allows users to find out more about voting laws and offers ways to get involved in their areas.
    Get the Obama for America app for your iPhone and your Android, free
    Get the Romney-Ryan for your iPhone or your Android, free
  • Settle It! 7 of 8
    Settle It!
    Resolve political arguments and fact-check campaign ads with this app from PolitiFact. And for fun, test your political knowledge with the Truth-O-Meter.
    Get Settle It! for your iPhone or your Android, free
  • The Race for the White House 8 of 8
    The Race for the White House
    In this game, you are the candidate! Create your own agenda and manage your campaign budget to see if you have what it takes to be president.
    Get the Race for the White House for your iPhone, $9.99, or for your Android, $8.99

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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