8 Great Ideas for Preparing and Storing After School Snacks

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The first thing my daughter says when she walks in the door from school: I’m hungry, can I have a snack? Come to think of it, that’s the first thing I usually think about too. If I’m not prepared, she heads straight towards the chips and cookies. I try to provide her a selection of goodies that are a healthy balance and easy to serve to herself.

Depending on your schedule, there are lots of options for preparing snack storage areas ahead of time. Pre-packages snacks are always a great option and mixing in some perishable, fresh treats is a great way to mix it up. With these great snack storage ideas you’ll always have a few things ready to serve!

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    Browse through the gallery and get some ideas on how to plan ahead of time!

  • Pantry Door 2 of 9

    This is a great way to take advantage of empty door space! Your kids will know exactly where to find their snack and lunch each day. Find more school organization at Hi Sugarplum!


  • Glass Jars 3 of 9

    Empower kids to prepare their own snacks by displaying their choices in a few large glass storage jars. This great idea from Positively Splendid.

  • Individual Bags 4 of 9

    Encourage your kids (and adults!) to mix in healthy snacks by pre-cutting veggies and fruits. Pre-portioned serving sizes are a great way to grab and go. This school planning idea is from Organizing Junkie.


  • Metal Bins 5 of 9

    This is a photo from my own personal pantry. We attached galvanized garden bins to the wall and filled them with a variety of snack choices for the whole family. You can see how I attached them at Lil Blue Boo.


  • Fridge Bin 6 of 9

    Small perforated bins are a great way to designate an area of the refrigerator for perishable snacks. These snacks are ready to grab in an instant. You can see more at I Heart Organizing.



  • Mason Jars 7 of 9

    Food in a jar! Prepare healthy dipping snacks using Mason Jars. Find this idea and other ideas on eating healthy on the go at Maybe I Will.



  • Upcycled Creamer 8 of 9

    For smaller babies and children who aren't quite ready for real food carry their snacks in an upcycled creamer bottle! Get the DIY at Unoriginal Mom.

  • Reusable Bags 9 of 9

    Tired of throwing away plastic baggies? How about using reusable snack bags? Get the tutorial at Sisters, Sisters.

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