8 Great Table Games for Younger Kids

Earlier I posted a list of 9 table games my family enjoys—especially my older kids. But what about the little ones? The ones who aren’t quite coordinated enough to hold cards, roll multiple dice, or add larger numbers?

Here are a few family favorites that we can still play with our 4-year-old…

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    Click through for some games that even your youngest can play!

  • I Can Do That! (Cat in the Hat) 2 of 9

    In I Can Do That!, Dr. Seuss meets silly, active, energy-using activities. This is a simple game designed for high activity levels and short attention spans. Get your kids moving and help them tap into their creativity, with enough variation possibilities that you can change it up to suit your family. Karis loves this game—it's perfect for kids who enjoy the spotlight—and we end up playing it a lot.

  • Peaceable Kingdom games 3 of 9

    If you have young kids, you know losing a game is sometimes the worst part of table games. I'm all for teaching good sportsmanship and losing with dignity, but occasionally that's not a battle I want to fight. That's why we love the Peaceable Kingdom series of games. These are cooperative board games, which means kids play together and not against each other. No one gets left out, no one loses, everyone has fun, Mom doesn't have to deal with any fit-throwing. Some of our favorites are Hoot Owl Hoot, Lost Puppies, and Count Your Chickens.

  • Bendomino 4 of 9

    Even younger kids can get the hang of regular dominoes, but Bendomino includes a fun additional challenge due to its twisty shape. Little fingers love these curvy pieces, and because the tiles have to match and fit, it teaches counting skills, spatial recognition, and math and color skills. There's also a Bendomino Jr. game with pictures instead of dots, but we've found that the regular game is easy long as your kid can count to six.

  • The Ladybug Game 5 of 9

    The Ladybug Game is simple: help the adorable ladybug make it home past the bully ants and mean praying mantis. Super-cute, kid-friendly graphics and a different journey each time for the ladybug, this one helps with math skills, basic reading, and lots of color and symbols to capture the tiniest attention spans.

  • Zingo! 6 of 9

    An update to classic Bingo with simple line drawings and a unique tile-dispensing "zinger." Zingo! is easy to play and helps with image recognition, matching, and concentration. And the game-play is fast enough for short attention spans (including mine).

  • Zingo! 1-2-3 7 of 9

    Zingo! 1-2-3 takes regular Zingo play a step further by adding numbers to the mix instead of cute pictures. It teaches counting and addition without being boring...and is still just as fun as regular bingo.

  • Zingo! Sight Words 8 of 9

    Want to help your kids with basic reading and word-recognition instead of math skills? Zingo! Sight Words is the perfect game for the pre-K and kindergarten set. I've found it helped my kids learn these sight-reading words without them getting frustrated. The game play can be just as quick as regular Zingo, though older players will need to be patient with those who take a big longer to read the words. (Wow...three Zingo variations in a row. Can you tell we're big Zingo fans?)

  • What’s Gnu? 9 of 9

    Very similar to Zingo—all the way up to the fun little tile dispenser. What's Gnu? is a cute learning game that helps your child assemble three-letter words. Great for new readers working on spelling skills and letter/word well as for anyone else needing a little reading practice. I've heard of some tutors and teachers who use this game to build kids' reading/spelling confidence.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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