8 Lady-Like Gadgets and Office Gear

You dress up for the office – why shouldn’t your tech? Behold: 8 lady-like gadgets for your desk and beyond. (And I don’t know about you, but a cute laptop battery is sure to boost my productivity, right? Right?)

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    Happy shopping, office mavens!

  • Headphones 2 of 9

    Face it - basic black was never your thing, even when queuing up your tunes. Indulge in a bit of rose gold luxe and treat yourself to a daily jam session - the stylish way. Available for $150 at Nordstrom.

  • Camera Strap 3 of 9

    Whether you're out with the kids or are headed to a fancy event you can't bear to forget, this snazzy sequined number has you covered. Available for 130 at Bloom Theory.

  • USB Hub 4 of 9

    Every gal needs deserves from flowers now and then - these stay fresh year-round while keeping your USB files organized in style. Available for $10 at Amazon.

  • Laptop Case 5 of 9

    At first glance, it could be your grandmother's favorite purse. Bet guess what? Behind the glitz and glamour lies a seriously functional laptop case. Available for $74 at Duchess Case.

  • Stapler 6 of 9

    Staplers deserve some love, too, and this aqua version fits the bill. Available for $14 at Poppin.

  • Pens 7 of 9

    Get click-happy with these pattern-friendly pens in a variety of delightful hues! (Watch out - your pencils will be crazy jealous.) Available for $4.50 at Poketo.

  • Back-up Phone Battery 8 of 9

    Have you ever seen a cuter laptop backup battery for your phone? I dare you to say yes. Available for $38 at Anthropologie.

  • iPad Folio 9 of 9

    OK, so cake for breakfast wasn't one of your most lady-like moments. But hey - at least your iPad cover is honest. Available for $70 at Nordstrom.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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