8 Signs You've Been Spending Too Much Time Around Your Toddler

Every time I have a three day weekend home with all three of my children I realize how little of my adult self I have access to from 7 a.m. to about 8:30 p.m. Even after they’re all safely in bed it takes a good hour to remember what I like to eat, watch on TV and whether or not I have any interests of my own. Who am I kidding? Maybe in a few years I’ll get some of my life back but for right now, I’m in it. I’m in the thick, swampy, quick sand of all things kids. Are you? Here are the Top 8 signs you’re spending too much time with your toddlers.

  • Dinner Time 1 of 8
    Dinner Time
    5 p.m. has started sounding like a completely reasonable time for an adult to have dinner.
  • Chicken Nuggets 2 of 8
    Chicken Nuggets
    Dino nuggets are so tasty you pop a couple of those bad boys into the microwave for yourself.
  • Child Proof 3 of 8
    Child Proof
    You think kitchen cabinets look naked without multiple childproof locks
  • Hello Kitty 4 of 8
    Hello Kitty
    You've left the house wearing Hello Kitty barrettes and not to be ironic.
  • Barbie 5 of 8
    You've finished watching the last 45 minutes of a Barbie movie (um, specifically Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses) after your kids have long since left the room.
  • Sudoku 6 of 8
    You kick ass at Sudoku… from playing it on kids' menu at IHOP.
  • Tickle Monster 7 of 8
    Tickle Monster
    You've attempted to play "tickle monster" with your husband.
  • Pee pee 8 of 8
    Pee pee
    While out at girl's night with friends you've asked "does anyone needs to go pee pee?"

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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