8 Ways to Seem Hip To Your 8-year-old Daughter

Some people don’t give a crap about seeming hip to their kids. These people put a middle finger up to hipness by wearing visors and fanny packs with wild abandon while listening to Tibetan Monk Chant CDs and embroidering a “God Bless This Mess” sofa pillow. If you are one of these lucky ladies, then no need to read any further.

I am not one. Personally I’m more apt to be sort of feigning cool by trying to pop and lock to a fast-paced Kenny Loggins tune while trying to rock a scrunchy. Obviously I’m not fooling anyone. If you are anything  like me and you want to show your kids that you can “get jiggy with it” (or immediately stop getting jiggy with it) just follow these simple tips.

  • Nails 1 of 8
    Paint your nails blue, green or bright yellow. And for good measure have your manicurist bedazzle a heart on your thumb. And why not get something bedazzled on your big toe while you're at it? Huh? Huh? Do you want to be hip to a kid or not?
  • Carly Rae Jepson 2 of 8
    Carly Rae Jepson
    Learn all the words to "Call Me Maybe" and then sing them loudly in the car and around the house constantly. Also, Justin Timberlake is not cool. Justin Bieber is almost out as well but One Direction is COOL!
  • Pucker up 3 of 8
    Pucker up
    Six words: Lip gloss, lip gloss, lip gloss. I think lip gloss is one area that eight-year-olds and me really come together.
  • Take up skateboarding 4 of 8
    Take up skateboarding
    Young boys and girls alike are impressed by a mom or dad who can skate. Just don't overload on protective gear because come on, safety is not hip.
  • Bejeweled 5 of 8
    Get good at iPhone games like Bejeweled, Temple Run and Angry Birds Rio. Just beware because Bejeweled, although making you seem hip, is highly addictive and you may end up quitting your job, divorcing your husband and dropping out of society to play Bejeweled full time. Trust me, it's not that farfetched.
  • Cootie catcher 6 of 8
    Cootie catcher
    Learn to make a cootie catcher (paper fortune teller) and write in prophesies such as "you will grow over seven feet tall" and "you are going to turn purple today."
  • Lanyards 7 of 8
    Stop scrapbooking and start making jewelry and lanyards.
  • Get flexible 8 of 8
    Get flexible
    Relearn how to do a back bend. Sure you will need a thrice weekly visits to a chiropractor for the foreseeable future but your daughter will think you are very cool. If you can turn it into a back walkover you will secure a lifetime membership to the cool mom club.

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