8 Women Photographers Capture the Theme of Transition (PHOTOS)

This month we had eight photographers capture the theme of transition in their lives.  Transition is a word we are all experiencing on one level or another this time of year.  Whether it’s visibly seeing the transition of leaves changing color or your family finding a new rhythm for school and carpools.  Our community of photo moms always enjoys seeing how our different photography workshop teachers capture the same theme.  We live all over the country.  Some of us have little ones learning to write letters and others have highschoolers!  The diversity of motherhood alone makes for a beautiful collection of photos.  But not only are their photos inspiring, but their written reflections are as equally moving.  I had to share them with you.  Click on their names to read their posts in full, or enjoy the beautiful excerpts.  As a fun creative exercise for yourself, how can you capture the theme of transition?  I would LOVE for you to share your photos with me on my FB page!

  • Dream Linking 1 of 8
    alpine trees in fog, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos

    "...there is our Dream Linking!  We fly out this month to start presenting our project.  Brian and I are spending hours and hours doing research, asking experts, gathering numbers, and yet I so often feel like we are walking into deeper and deeper fog.  The fog is always unsettling, and yet we must admit that we can still see the next step to take.  We just can't see what is waiting for us down the road.  How I wish I could see that piece too.  But the step in front of me, even the next two or three steps, I can see and embrace.  When I start to feel overwhelmed with all the millions of details that still need figuring for this next dream to launch, I try to remind myself that the unknown is often the place where some of the most marvelous creations happen.  I'm betting on that and pressing forward with Brian."

    -Me Ra Koh

  • The "Last" Series 2 of 8
    crosscountry runner, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos

    "My biggest transition started in earnest on September 4, 2013.  Yes, I know the exact date.  The first day of school.  Or, more accurately, the last first day of school I will have as a mom.  My youngest daughter just started her senior year.  From here on out, every day is another "last"....The last high school summer camp.  The last, first cross country meet of the season....Some lasts, I think I'll be okay with.  The last parent-teacher conference anyone?  Quite honestly, all these lasts have put me in a bit of a funk.  What happened to the adorable little girl who would dance with abandon to the radio?"

    -Beth Wendland

  • Learning Letters 3 of 8
    learning to write letters, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos

    "Transitions are abundant in my house right now. From personal, to business, big changes are happening everywhere I look. The kids are each experiencing transitions of their own. Sawyer is learning to walk and wanting to be more and more independent.  Milo has been working so hard with reading and writing. He loves alphabet books and to trace the letters as we say them. Everyday he has new words that he is saying and new letters he's trying to write. I'm seeing less and less of a baby boy and more of a ‘big' boy every day..."

    -Neyssa Lee

  • Granny D’s Wisdom 4 of 8
    wisdom from old women, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos

    "I visited with this woman on her front porch. Granny D said life was a gift. I needed to accept it, walk in it, and give it away. It wouldn't be until then, that I would be truly satisfied. As we continued our deep rooted 'Life Talk', I looked up and she had her feet curled up and hand on her face. It was as if we were life long girlfriends having an ordinary long chat like one of my sisters.  I had to capture her, she looked so natural. Granny D is 94 years old. She ended with saying good bye and assuring me she was ready. "I have lived a good full life."  As I drove away, I stopped in an open field.....I meditated on what she had shared with me. Something shifted on the inside of me. I choose to no longer be 'in a hurry'..."

    -Veronica Bernal

  • Relationships and Love 5 of 8
    couple in love, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos
    all summer long as i watched my brides walk down the aisle and 
    transition from beautiful bride to be to
    beautiful new wife, 
    i was reminded of the incredible excitement and amazement and joy
    that encompassed my own wedding and the planning that lead up to it.
    the months i spent as a bride-to-be (just over five short years ago!)
    were some of the greatest of my life!
    the journey  - as i went from girl (madly in love) to bride-to-be to bride (still madly in love) 

    was amazing. full of bliss...

    -Nikki McLaughlin

  • Time Going so Fast 6 of 8
    boy playing baseball with dad, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos

    "I see transition in my home every day through my son's eyes. I see his change from baby to toddler to preschooler to now second-grader. I feel a seismic shift from the way his interests have changed from Little People to NFL (maybe a little wistfully, I admit). He's taken quite a liking to playing catch in the yard, employing us to be his center or long-snapper. He and daddy especially…"

    -Cathy Mores

  • When Tranistion is Healing 7 of 8
    beautiful flower photo, photographers capture the theme of transition in photos

    "I've come a long way in the past twenty years. I've endured much healing. I have finally found myself. I am on the path to becoming the person I have always envisioned I could be. My wings are open and I'm learning to fly. I'm following my dreams, and I'm working hard to make my dreams reality. I am surrounded by people who love and respect me who will catch me if I fall. I am facing this new season in my life, in my career, with my eyes, ears, and heart wide open. I challenge you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, into the unknown, so that you too can experience great transformation in your life."

    -Tina Erdman

  • Gifts in Routine 8 of 8
    black and white photo of ballerina girl, photographers capture theme of transition

    "Is it horrible that I welcome the beginning of the school year with open arms?  I function better when I live in the world of routine!  This school year is bittersweet, both of my kiddos ventured off to the school yards!  It is hard to believe my baby is old enough to go to Kindergarten! I followed them from our front door to the classroom with my camera in tow.  It's what I do!  With school, homework begins.  Dance classes begin..."

    -Jill Ann Melton

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