9 Easy and Delicious Sides to Accompany Any Get Together!

Grilling season officially begins this weekend, and now that we have all our favorite burgers destined for that grill, it’s time to talk sides! Easy and delicious sides, that is. Check out this slideshow for perfect burger pairings. We have everything from fries to dips to snacks. What are your favorite side dishes to accompany those burgers?

  • Oven Baked Fries 1 of 9
    Oven Baked Fries
    Nothing goes better with burgers than fries! French Fries" are much easier to make at home than you would expect. Instead of deep frying, I bake them in the oven. My "fries" come out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and I serve them up with a side of ketchup and mustard, just the way that I used to enjoy them when I was little.
  • Wild Wheat Berry Salad 2 of 9
    Wild Wheat Berry Salad
    How about a cool, refreshing salad to go along with all your grilling festivities? This Wild Wheat Berry Salad whips up in no time and is sure to be a hit at your summer table!
  • Grilled Zucchini Roll Ups 3 of 9
    Grilled Zucchini Roll Ups
    recipe and photo by Shutterbean You've got the grill on and you're getting ready to make your famous burgers. Why not throw some sliced zucchini onto that grill and serve these scrumptious goat-cheese-filled treats? My mouth is watering just thinking about popping one of these into my mouth (even before I taste that burger!)
  • Grilled Corn and Red Pepper Salad 4 of 9
    Grilled Corn and Red Pepper Salad
    Between all the extra sweet corn and the ready-to-be-picked red bell peppers and parsley in our garden, I decided to make this salad. It's bright in color and has a ton of texture, so it's as visually beautiful as it is delicious. This salad just says summer to me, so the time to make some is now! Bonus! You could also use this salad as a mild salsa!
  • Too Much Cheddar and Jalapeño Muffins 5 of 9
    Too Much Cheddar and Jalapeño Muffins
    recipe and photo by Joy The Baker As Joy says, "Served warm from the oven, these muffins are melty, tender, almost custard-like treats. Served at room temperature with a giant bowl of chili, these muffins are also spot on. You can't really go wrong." If your family doesn't like spicy, you can easily swap out the jalapeños for a more mild pepper!
  • Okra Fries 6 of 9
    Okra Fries
    We usually enjoy okra prepared simply, steamed as a side dish, but when I made these okra fries and served them up with a little marinara sauce on the side for dipping, the kids looked at me like I truly had reinvented the wheel (and improved on it)!
  • Mini Potato Skins 7 of 9
    Mini Potato Skins
    recipe and photo by What's Gaby Cooking Crispy potatoes filled with bacon, cheese and guacamole! I mean, is there anything else I need to say to get these on your summertime menu? I didn't think so! These little guys are just too cute, and too delicious to pass up.
  • Avocado Honey Dip 8 of 9
    Avocado Honey Dip
    I find that if you put out a big platter of veggies next to a yummy dip for plunging into, the variety of vegetables you can get into kids' little bodies increases by....well, a lot! Case in point was the day that I made this Avocado Honey Dip. Chloe had just woken up from her nap and was sitting with me at the kitchen counter while I was concocting this creamy spread. She asked if she could try some, so I made her a little plate with baby carrots, sugar snap peas and pretzels. Chloe dipped a few times and then, in the time that it took me to turn around to grab something and turn back, she had her little arm wrapped around the mixing bowl and the spatula I had used to stir it in her mouth. Eventually I surrendered and let her finish it all.
  • Baked Beans in the Crock Pot 9 of 9
    Baked Beans in the Crock Pot
    I ate a lot of Baked Beans as a kid, but they were almost exclusively prepared out of a can. Making these fresh, slow cooked, sweet white beans is a real treat that bears practically no resemblance to their canned cousins. And the taste? Whenever I make them my kids couldn't be happier. If your favorite side to burgers isn't fries, then I'm guessing it's baked beans!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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