9 Great Bedtime Excuses from My Kids This Year


My kids come out of their room to tell me they can’t sleep for a million different reasons. Here are just a few of their greatest hits.

Six Year Old: I can’t sleep with someone else in my room.
Me: But she’s been sleeping in your room since you were born.
SYO: Oh.

I stubbed my toe last week and it still hurts.

I can’t find the ice that was in my water.

SYO: When is the next time I have to have a shot?
Me: When you’re eleven.
SYO: I’m worried about that.

SYO: Mom, is the Boogie Board Man real?
Me: Do you mean the Boogie Man?
SYO: No, I know he’s real.

Nine year-old: I forgot I have to finish my homework.
Me: But you said you didn’t have any today.
NYO: That’s because I forgot about it.

SYO: Mom, is it hard to get nail polish out of things?
Me: Yes, why?
SYO: Because I spilled some on the dining room table earlier today.

SYO: I can’t sleep because I’m having a bad dream.
Me: But you haven’t fallen asleep yet so how can you be having a bad dream?
SYO: That’s why I haven’t fallen asleep!

NYO: I can’t sleep because I don’t want you to watch Real Housewives without me!

Now that last excuse is one I can live with!

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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