9 Movie Locations to Visit in Washington DC

On Wednesday I visited a Washington D.C. landmark I had wanted to see for years.

The Exorcist Steps.

It got me thinking. These steps could not possibly be the only place where awesome movies were filmed. I mean, this is Washington D.C. We are pretty famous as far as cities go.

My kids on the Exorcist Steps


I did some research and lo and behold – there are a ton of cool places around here where movies were shot.

Check them out.

  • The Bar From St. Elmo’s Fire 1 of 9
    The bar in St. Elmo's Fire is really called The Tombs and it is in Georgetown. You can go there and get a drink. You can even feather your hair and act like a yuppie if it suits you.
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  • Union Station 2 of 9
    Sooooo many movies have scenes filmed in Washington D.C.'s Union Station: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Head of State, The Wedding Crashers, Hannibal, and Collateral Damage just to name a few. I usually just go there to catch trains.
    Photo Image
  • National Archives 3 of 9
    Scenes from All the President's Men, National Treasure and JFK were filmed at The National Archives. Plus, they have the actual Declaration of Independence.
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  • Dulles Airport 4 of 9
    Yes, Dulles is the Airport in Die Hard 2: Die Harder.
    Photo Credit: Source
  • The Willard 5 of 9
    The Willard InterContinental was featured in the finale of the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise film Minority Report. It is really close to the White House.
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  • The Lincoln Memorial 6 of 9
    The Wedding Crashers, G.I. Jane, Independence Day, Armageddon, Thank You for Smoking, Nixon, The Long Kiss Goodnight and a geographically inaccurate Forrest Gump are among the many movies that have used the Lincoln Memorial as a shooting location.
  • Riggs Bank 7 of 9
    This joint was in Transformers AND The Pelican Brief.
  • Gallerie L’enfant 8 of 9
    The Gallerie L'Enfant (or L'Enfant Gallery, if you are the sign) was in the Kevin Kline movie Dave. I adore Dave. I don't even know if anyone else has seen it.
  • Exorcist Steps 9 of 9
    My neighbor wanted to go to a water park. Instead I took my kids to the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown. Someday they will think that I am awesome.
    Image Credit: Sarah Braesch, Source: Sarah Braesch


Next time you are in DC call me. I still haven’t been the St. Elmo’s Fire bar.

* * *

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