9 Tips on Creating a Memorable Yet Inexpensive Christmas Vacation

I have a confession to make.  I used to dread the Christmas Holiday. I felt like it was too much … people spending too much money … kids getting too many gifts … too much commercialism … and not enough focus on what really matters.

Well, a few years ago I came up with a new idea for Christmas. Besides visiting my parents house which is a few hours away, it never even dawned on me to take a vacation for Christmas. The main reason is that I was spending too much money on gifts so there was no way that I was going to spend money on a vacation.  But a few years back, Lamar and I decided to  limit the number of gifts our kids were receiving and to focus on creating memories for the kids.  So we limited each kid to 3 gifts each and braced for the backlash.  But to our surprise, the kids were enjoying Christmas even more.  Because instead of shopping, I began to focus on creating memorable experiences with the kids.  We made crafts, we donated to charities, we decorated the house beyond just putting up the tree.  And last year … we even took a vacation.  And my kids have labeled it as the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

So, here are 9 tips on creating a memorable yet inexpensive Christmas Vacation for your family:

  • Plan in advance 1 of 9
    I started to plan for my Christmas Vacation early in the year. This ensured that reservations to my desired destination were available.

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  • Pay in advance 2 of 9
    Also, I paid for the room early in the year. So when the holiday season came around, my trip was mostly paid for and all I had to worry about getting was a few gifts for the kids.

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  • Think out of the box 3 of 9
    I normally say: "No Thank You" to sales reps when they call me about their "time share" deals. But last year when they called, I asked ... do you have anything around Christmas. They found me a beautiful time-share resort room for a few hundred dollars. We checked in on Dec. 23rd and checked out on Dec. 26th. So yes, I had to listen to their 90 minute presentation ... but it was well worth it.

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  • Keep it within driving distance 4 of 9
    We have three kids at home and a grandma. So, it would be too expensive to purchase plane tickets for the six of us. We saved money by finding a destination within driving distance (to me that is four to six hours.) Since we live in Georgia, Orlando is within driving distance for us. So for a few tanks of gas, we enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Orlando, Florida. And since I paid for the room, Grandma offered to pay for the that really helped to alleviate expenses.

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  • Don’t forget to decorate 5 of 9
    We brought our Christmas cheer on vacation with us. For about $10, I decorated our suite. The tree was $5, the lights were $2, and I purchased the ornaments for $2. So even though we were away from home, Santa still visited our room. The kids were able to open their gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.

    Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Look for deals … i.e. —B.O.G.O. 6 of 9
    I searched the internet for deals and found out that Sea World had a great one Adult ticket and get a child's ticket for free. So we only had to purchase three tickets for Lamar, Grandma and me. And, the kid's tickets were free. As stated above, plan ahead and you will be able to find the deals.

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  • Commit to Buying Less Presents 7 of 9
    The kids were well aware that our Christmas trip was the main gift for Christmas. And all the other gifts for the three kids literally fit into a suitcase. While the kids, enjoyed opening their presents, hands down the vacation was the best gift they ever received. They opened their gifts and were ready to get dressed to go Sea World. Trust me, they were not worried about not having a lot of toys.

    Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Focus on making memories 8 of 9
    Be January, most of your kid's Christmas presents are a distant memory. They are not being played with any more. Our kids are still talking about our trip to Orlando. It's something they will never forget.

    Credit: Ronnie Tyler

  • Don’t forget the photo album 9 of 9
    I am not a crafty mom ... so a scrapbook is out of the question. But, I took plenty of pictures so that my kids would be able to reminisce about the vacation for years to come.

    Credit: Ronnie Tyler

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