A Brief History of Printers I’ve Owned (I Am Old)

The first computer I actually learned and used was at a job at the American Red Cross I held one summer in high school. I didn’t do much typed up letters and printed them out and that printer was a doozy. It was  massive; about three feet wide and MAN did it make a ton of noise. The clacking and rumbling shook the metal shelving unit it was sitting on so hard it banged into the walls. The paper was fed through with perforated holes.

It was crazy.

Eventually I got a dot matrix printer that used regular printer paper along with a great word processor that transformed my life as a writer. Eventually, at long last, I got a color printer but it was terrible and blew through ink on what felt like a daily basis. I switched back to a plain old black and white dot matrix printer for years just to save on the ink costs.

Eventually, though, I got my hands on this beauty, an awesome HP printer with a wifi connection that multiple computers can connect with.

I love it for a million reasons, but I haven to hunt sales for cheap ink. Which is a big deal, since my daughter is now six and has figured out how to use the printer herself (which not only is to print out her drawings, etc, but also has a wireless connection to download things like coloring pages, etc) and if I’m not paying attention will go through a whole sheaf of paper in a half hour.

When I was learning to type on a manual typewriter in seventh grade and writing on mimeographed blue worksheets, I would never have dreamed of an age where it was cheap and easy for most folks (you know what I mean, within reason) to have a printer in their houses. Also, I am very old and yes I really did learn to type on a manual typewriter in 1978.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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