A Dad and His Daughter: A Photo Series

From the moment of her birth there has existed something magical between Violet and her dad.

Not only is she an adorable, mini version of this bearded, grown man, but it’s as if they lived past lives that had intersected in such a way as to imprint recognition upon their souls.

Hey, I know you.

Maybe they were fellow Civil War soldiers who fought together in Antietam? Perhaps they traversed the Atlantic in the Santa Maria together? Could be they were both ladies in waiting for Queen Elizabeth? Hell, maybe Violet was Queen Elizabeth and Serge was a court jester. That would be about right. Anything for her highness.

During the first two years of Violet’s life I worked full-time as an executive producer in a fast-paced newsroom. Because my job had a better salary and enviable healthcare, Serge reduced his hours to part-time and spent most of his days with his queen. Which means that even though I eventually quit my job to entertain my notions of freelance writing and being with my kids full-time, Serge has spent more time with Violet than I have.

The first two years of her life were passed in a flurry of walks in Utah’s magnificent mountains. She has logged a lot of miles with dad. He’d pop her in a baby carrier and off they’d go. Daily rambles in the woods, visits to the park, walking the dogs. And then, because I didn’t get home until well after the nightly news, they’d have dinner together and he’d put her down for the night. All that time, just the two of them. She is a daddy’s girl to be sure.

When I see them giggling together now, the whole of her existence with her best pal flashes through my mind in the form of my favorite photos of them together.

Below are those photos. Poignant sign posts marking the most magnificent journey two human beings can ever embark upon; unconditional love, acceptance, and a promise to be there for each other forever. And ever.

  • First Photo 1 of 25
    First Photo
    One of the first photos of a proud new dad.
  • Spitting Image 2 of 25
    Spitting Image
    It astonished me to see how much a sweet, baby girl can resemble a grisly, adult man.
  • Sweetness 3 of 25
    Look at the little cherub! One of my all-time favorites.
  • Fishin’ Buds 4 of 25
    Fishin' Buds
    Shortly after she was born I strapped Violet into a Bjorn and tromped through the snow so dad could introduce her to fishing.
  • Across The Universe 5 of 25
    Across The Universe
    The two pals traversing the great wide open.
  • First Father’s Day 6 of 25
    First Father's Day
    Their first Father's Day together.
  • Sharing A Smile 7 of 25
    Sharing A Smile
    These two photos from Father's Day are the best.
  • Best Pals 8 of 25
    Best Pals
    I took these photos to accompany an article Serge wrote in Esquire magazine about leaving a rock band and becoming a dad. You can see the article and the photo here and here
  • First Birthday 9 of 25
    First Birthday
    Of all the photos I have of these two this one probably best captures their relationship. This was her first birthday. He had gone to get her balloons so she sat at the front window waiting for him to get home. I snapped this as he saw her waiting and ran up to show her the birthday balloons.
  • Hat Twins 10 of 25
    Hat Twins
    They look a lot alike in this photo.
  • My Turn? 11 of 25
    My Turn?
    Another fishing trip.
  • Fishing Lessons 12 of 25
    Fishing Lessons
    Learning how to reel one in.
  • Learning To Walk 13 of 25
    Learning To Walk
    She wasn't quite walking on her own yet here. Serge would take her little hand in his and walk her up and down the sidewalk until she could do it on her own.
  • Easter Bunnies 14 of 25
    Easter Bunnies
    Goofing around on Easter
  • Serenade 15 of 25
    She is fascinated when he plays music for her.
  • Toddler Toss 16 of 25
    Toddler Toss
    What dad worth his salt hasn't done the old toddler toss?
  • First Fish 17 of 25
    First Fish
    Her first time touching a fish.
  • Little Cow 18 of 25
    Little Cow
    He was so proud of his Little Cow. Took her to all the Halloween crafts offered in downtown Salt Lake and even squeezed into a little kid train to take her on a ride.
  • Leaf Wars 19 of 25
    Leaf Wars
    She loves to help dad do whatever he's doing.
  • Riding In Cars With Boys 20 of 25
    Riding In Cars With Boys
    Safe in daddy's arms.
  • Beach Bums 21 of 25
    Beach Bums
    Her first time seeing the ocean.
  • Porch Sittin’ 22 of 25
    Porch Sittin'
    Just hanging around on a lazy summer afternoon.
  • Silhouette 23 of 25
    There's a magical quality to this photo. Another one that, to me, really defines their relationship.
  • Scooby Dooby Doo 24 of 25
    Scooby Dooby Doo
    I'm not sure who was more excited about trick-or-treating.
  • Today 25 of 25
    It's been a pleasure watching this relationship happen.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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