A Dozen Fabulous Easter Egg Ideas

I’m a bit in love with all the possibilities that surround Easter Eggs (Exhibit A, Exhibit B and also Exhibit C). Here are a dozen of my favorite Easter egg crafts and ideas.

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    1. All natural Easter egg dyes at BHG. These include ingredients like apples, cabbage and onion skins. I love the subtle colors.
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    2. These look alike Boiled Custard Eggs by Sprinkle Bakes are adorable. Check out the Shortbread Soldiers.
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    3. These neon dip dyed eggs are simple and impressive.
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    4. DIY Wheatgrass Eggs are cute and fresh. I'd love to get one of these, by Liz Stanley at Momtastic.
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    5. Brownies baked inside an eggshell by La Receta del la Felicidad are simple and clever.
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    6. These DIY decoupage eggs are easy and colorful. At Say Yes to Hoboken.
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    7. I'm in love with these gilded Easter eggs made by Pencil Shavings Studio.
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    8. Homemade Cadbury Eggs by Not Without Salt looks every bit as yummy as the original. I love that she uses golden syrup.
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    9. This washi tape egg is based around a paper box you can find at the craft store. This would be great as a way to use up all that washi tape I know that we have left over from other projects. At Flying House.
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    10. This chocolate filled egg how-to at Martha Stewart is a classic. What a good surprise when you go to crack it open.
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    11. These DIY Pantone Easter Eggs at How About Orange are simple and funny.
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    12. These Easter fools Jello eggs by Oh Happy Day would work again because Easter falls one day before April Fools Day this year. And even if not, hey, jello eggs.

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