A Girl Discovering Art is Life

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“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” ~Oscar Wilde

My daughter is discovering that Oscar Wilde’s quote is completely true and how she already decides to lead her life. As a typical Leo, she craves being the center of attention and she does not, at all, like to be told what to do. But when it comes to artistic forms of expression like ballet, theater, painting, sculpture and storytelling, she wants to learn, she wants to listen and focus and be just like those teachers that inspire her.

This summer she’s filling her days with many forms of art thanks to a fabulous Spanish arts summer camp led by Vox Box Arts Collective. Not only is she immersed in Spanish all day — her language of family and love — but she’s realizing that spending the whole day creating and learning new techniques is what she wants her life to be about. On one of the three weeks she attended this camp the theme was Frida Kahlo. They read the book Frida by Jonah Winter, one of the first books I ever bought  her years ago, and then recreated the scenes in a musical play that they performed on stage for all of us.

The next day, she was going back on stage, but this time as a pink truffula from The Lorax, to perform at a ballet recital. She’s been taking classes at Twinkle Toes in Los Angeles for three years now and this is her fifth performance. I can still remember the first time she performed when she was barely turning three and how nervous I was that she’d freeze on stage. To my surprise, she felt and looked perfectly comfortable and since then she’s had a love affair with being on stage.

And now all she wants to do is act and dance. She told me those exact words a few days ago. That’s all she wants. She’s not even six and she sounds completely convinced that she’s found an outlet for the incredibly creative imagination she has. Being on stage twice in one weekend has set the stage for her discovering that art is life.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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