A History Of Hair: Do You Do Your Do To Please Your Mate?


Seriously! Who IS this person?

Okay fine, I admit it. Cutting off my hair was a mistake. I knew it was bad news the second I did it. Hell, I knew it was a mistake before I did it. I mean, come one. Cutting bangs in 2009 threw me for a loop so I knew the haircut was a mistake but I forged onward, refusing until this very typing to admit that OH MY GOD I HATE MY HAIR SO MUCH.

But I had to do it. For two reasons:

Firstly, I had just watched Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and, well, I tend to be susceptible to the hair styles of women in movies. I was all Girl Power! and My Hair Does Not Define Me! But my current do is hardly that of the ass-kicking Lisbeth Salander. More like Lisbeth’s older, matronly, more conservative sister so, as it turns out, my hair kind of does define me just a leeetle bit, and so I’ve felt like I’ve been sporting News Anchor Hair the whole of 2012.

Secondly, Serge has always been attracted to girls with super short hair. So I thought, what the hell?

What the hell, indeed.

Turns out, the line between smokin’ hot punk rock chick hair-do and mom hair-don’t is a lot thinner than I thought. And so I’ve been sporting mom hair for most of 2012. Unwashed, frizzy mom hair. It’s my fault, to be sure. I initially cut off at least nine inches, which was a lot, yes, but I should’ve done more. I wimped out and kept it a little longer because I’ve hidden behind my hair my whole life. Where would I hide if I chopped it all off? But leaving it in the not short/not long neighborhood landed me squarely in mom hairsville. And yeah, I know, hair is what you make of it and I can style it snazzily at whatever length, but I guess I’m just not a short hair kinda gal. It takes a lot of work. You’d think it would be opposite, that the long hair would be a drag, but when I had long hair I could go for a week without touching it and it seemed to look better with each day left unwashed.

The whole Hair Debacle of 2012 got me to thinking about my hair and how I’ve actually been pretty adventurous as far as hair goes. Even though it has consistently been long and blonde, I’ve rocked every color on the spectrum between  platinum and black and have cut it off several times as well. As I sit here looking at all these pictures of my hair do’s and don’ts, I asked Serge how he prefers my hair. Because, you know, maybe I would really go for it. I read that Michelle Williams keeps her hair short for ex-boyfriend, the late Heath Ledger and I thought it was really sweet. She said, “I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it.”

Chalk Serge up as another straight dude who likes short hair. Although I know Serge digs Michelle Williams and despite all his talk about short hair being hot, I wasn’t so sure what his answer would be if I actually posed the question: cut it all off or keep growing it out? Blonde or brown? So, I put the slideshow below together of all my various hair styles and asked him which photo comes closest to his favorite look. His answer is in the slideshow.

What about you? Which look do you like best? Have you ever cut your hair to please your partner? Is it something you take into account or absolutely no way?


  • 9-Years-Old? 1 of 29
    My mom did my hair for this family photo. Pretty typical of my do back in the day, though.
  • 6th Grade 2 of 29
    6th Grade
    When your hair doesn't fit in the frame of your school photo you should try something different, yes?
  • 11th Grade 3 of 29
    11th Grade
    Somebody discovered bleach and the tanning salon.
  • Graduation 4 of 29
    Here I have settled into what is to be my base color for the next 15 years. Dirty blonde. Sometimes on the blonder side, sometimes on the browner side, but I always end up back in the middle.
  • Gwen Stefani Wannabe 5 of 29
    Gwen Stefani Wannabe
    In college I could not get my hair blonde enough.
  • Switching It Up 6 of 29
    Switching It Up
    And then, at around 20-years-old, I went dark.
  • Gone, Baby, Gone 7 of 29
    Gone, Baby, Gone
    After the brown stint I decided to chop it all off. This was the first big haircut of my life. It was also the first time I wore pleather pants and also, blessedly, the last.
  • Anchor Hair 8 of 29
    Anchor Hair
    This is around the time I thought I wanted to be a reporter and needed short "anchor hair." I decided being on-air wasn't my thing and started growing my hair out. I also decided the dude with half a face wasn't my thing either.
  • And Then There Was Serge 9 of 29
    And Then There Was Serge
    By the time I met Serge at age 27, I had been growing out my hair since around 23 years old. Hair staighteners were a gal's best friend at the time and I was no different.
  • Brooklyn Daze 10 of 29
    Brooklyn Daze
    Six months after meeting Serge, we moved to Brooklyn and the humid East coast. Instead of fighting the humidity with my straightener, I started letting my hair air dry and liked the results.
  • Straight As An Arrow 11 of 29
    Straight As An Arrow
    Although I still kept my straightener around. Old habits die hard, although I have managed to avoid the inside of a tanning salon for all of my thirties.
  • Dark Again 12 of 29
    Dark Again
    After a trip to Italy where the brunette senoritas are all the rage, I went dark again in 2005. Did it myself in my bathroom because OH MY GOD do you know what the going rate for a hair color is in NYC?
  • Contrast 13 of 29
    I like the contrast of blue eyes and dark hair on people, but always felt very gothic when I did it myself.
  • Orange You Glad You Didn’t Do This To Your Hair? 14 of 29
    Orange You Glad You Didn't Do This To Your Hair?
    And then there was the great hair disaster of 2006. I tried to lighten my hair myself. Turns out, it isn't as easy as going dark.
  • Bang Me 15 of 29
    Bang Me
    After I got the color corrected I decided bangs would be great. They were not great.
  • Bad Bangs! 16 of 29
    Bad Bangs!
    I wanted a solid fringe above my eyes but was so annoyed by the constant presence of hair on my brow that I immediately started sweeping them to the side and growing them out.
  • Pink 17 of 29
    After moving to Utah from Brooklyn at the age of 30 I decided pink would be fun. It lasted a couple months but it got old pretty quickly.
  • Brown, Again 18 of 29
    Brown, Again
    By the end of my pregnancy with Violet my roots were so long and disgusting I decided to go completely dark. I did this myself in the bathroom.
  • Hiding My Roots 19 of 29
    Hiding My Roots
    I actually liked the brown and rocked this look well into Violet's first year of life.
  • Who Is This Person?! 20 of 29
    Who Is This Person?!
    And then I screwed everything up by cutting bangs again. Although Serge enjoyed this phase, says it was like dating a girl behind his wife's back.
  • Back To Blonde 21 of 29
    Back To Blonde
    Of course I immediately started growing my bangs out again and decided to start the journey back to blonde.
  • Big and Blonde 22 of 29
    Big and Blonde
    I lightened my hair while pregnant with Henry.
  • Dirty Blonde 23 of 29
    Dirty Blonde
    By the time we moved to Pennsylvania in 2011, my hair was back to its usual dirty blonde shade. Although he likes my trespasses into brunette territory, I think Serge likes this hairstyle on me the best. He doesn't like straightened hair, thinks it looks weird and fake and although he enjoys the short hair as well, at least he says he does, I think he likes me best with long, wavy, blonde hair.
  • A Rare Straight Day 24 of 29
    A Rare Straight Day
    Now that I had returned to humidity and the East coast, I rarely straightened my hair.
  • Big Hair 25 of 29
    Big Hair
    Although, at times, I prolly coulda used a good straightening. Mostly I just let my hair do its own crazy ass thing.
  • Eh… 26 of 29
    And then on New Year's Eve of 2012 I went and chopped it all off and immediately regretted it. But what're ya gonna do?
  • Not Exactly The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 27 of 29
    Not Exactly The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    I tried to be sassy, I really did. But, in the end, I just feel crappy with short hair.
  • Growing It Out 28 of 29
    Growing It Out
    I've had a hard time styling my hair this year. I just don't know how to do it and I'll admit, I rarely try. Long hair is so much easier to work with, for me anyway.
  • Grow Faster! 29 of 29
    Grow Faster!
    This is what my hair looks like today. Usual dirty blonde color and finally starting to feel long-ish again. Although it could obviously use a good trim. Sue me. At least it ain't orange.


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