A life without iPods

Noah will never know a life without iPods. That’s just weird to me. As I type, he’s sitting on the couch behind me playing PocketGod on his iPod Touch. After an eventful morning, he asked if he could have some time to play on it. I told him sure, if he’d put all the shoes away and straighten the couch cushions.

When I was a kid, iPods didn’t exist. In fact, digital music didn’t even exist. I was born in 1980, just after 8-track tapes lost their sizzle and cassette tapes became the new thing. I doubt that Noah will ever hold an 8-track tape, a¬†cassette¬†tape, a VHS tape, a Hi8 tape, or any kind of tape besides Scotch or duct tape. The world is only going to become more digital, not less (with the exception of the book industry, I hope).

A world without iPods. These little devices are everywhere, attached to everything. It’s hard to remember the time of my life (the majority of my life) when they didn’t exist. I’ve got iPod connections in my truck, on all of my home sound systems, my alarm clocks, and on the receiver for my entertainment system. There’s not much of anywhere I can’t plop it onto the dock and crank up whichever tunes I want (out of thousands), whenever I want.

That got me thinking… what other things will always be a part of Noah’s world that weren’t always a part of mine. Refrigerators with built-in water/ice dispensers. Home computers. Televisions that don’t weigh 150 lbs. The internet (whoa). DSLR cameras. Digital cameras period. Smart phones. Cell phones period (whoa). Stadium seating in theaters. Carpool lanes. Video chat. Parabolic skis. Peanut Butter M&Ms. Thumb drives. Lasik eye surgery. Red Box. I could go on for hours. These are all things I now take for granted that either weren’t around when I was a kid, or weren’t yet commonplace.

Of course, at my age, my dad could have easily written out his own list with completely different inventions on it. When Noah’s my age, his list will look completely different than mine. I can only imagine that every generation is just as dumbfounded at the technology that becomes commonplace during its tenancy as I am.

What was it for your generation? If you’re part of my generation, what are others that I didn’t mention? What are your predictions for future generations?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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