A Mother/Daughter Moment

Is she jogging? Or running away from uncomfortable questions?

I’ve been wanting some one-on-one time with my five year old lately.  And for anyone with two or more children you soon realize these moments are precious and more often than not, too far and few between.

So last night I put the baby (she’s two, and yes, I will be calling her “the baby” forever) to bed before my older daughter so that she could stay up for some alone time with me. And since lately she’s been asking questions like:

“How did you and Daddy met up?” and “Where did you find each other? On the street?”

I thought I would take her down memory lane with a stack of extra wedding photos that I have yet to put in an album.  She loved looking at Momma in her wedding dress and Daddy looking mostly fearful and in shock.  She was able to point out various relatives and good friends that we share our life with.  All was well, as we cuddled on the couch until she asked:

“Where am I?”

I explained, with a loving squeeze, that she was just a twinkle in our eye at that time.

“I was in your EYE?”

“No honey, you weren’t born at that time.  Mommy and Daddy were just getting married. It was like a big party before children.”

“So you had a party without me? Why?”

I continued to flip through photos to show her how there really weren’t any kids there at all.  Until I came across one and had to explain to her that, well, okay there were a COUPLE but that’s only because –

“So you invited that baby but not me?”

“Sweetheart, you were just a seed at the time – ”


“No, I mean an EGG, in Mommies belly, uterus actually, ovaries to be exact.  An unfertilized egg”

“What is…un – ferti – lized?”

“It’s ummm…like how we feed the plants in the front yard.  We need to fertilize them so that they can grow.”

I don’t even know what I’m talking about at this point as she stares up at me glassy eyed and confused.  I try and change the subject by showing her a photo of me with a flashlight in my dress.  It doesn’t work.

“I would have liked to come to your wedding Momma.”

“Tell that to my parents!” (Hahaha – young children love inside jokes about the ramifications of having children before marriage when your parents are strict Irish-Catholics.  Good one Allana!)

“Well Momma, I’m going to invite YOU to MY wedding.”

“Thank you honey, because I’d hate to have to bust in and make a major scene.” (Ha! Allana bats another “this joke is flying over her head” out of the park!)

“Momma, I’m confused…”

“I can see why.  What do you want to know honey?”

“Why do you have a flashlight in your wedding dress?”

“Because it was 4am.  And well…how about I answer those questions later?”

Is the year 2027 a good time?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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