A privilege earned

Every election season is different for everyone. We tend to ponder the implications to our lives, to our families and friends. More so when you’re a parent. You are equally concerned for your life and the life you’ll leave for your children. So choosing the right government has crucial both short and long term implications.

This election season is no different. The stakes are high as the choices could not be more opposite. In my view, clarity of mission, concern for the weak along with vigorous defense of women’s rights makes this a no-brainer choice but I do listen and respect other’s opinions and there are many around!

Yet one thing is consistent for me. After two elections of watching important decisions being made on social and economic issues, I realized how much I yearned the right to vote.

When you haven’t enjoyed a right before you tend to appreciate it even more.

My family back home in Mexico would ask: “Why are you doing this? is it that important? – You are just one vote” — and my answer was always: “Yes and a thousand times yes. And why? because it matters”.

The right to having my voice heard is ultimately liberating – it makes me feel like a complete human being.

Where I come from – even when you vote, you believe it’s not going to matter. These decisions have already been made for you.

But not here.

When your voice has the potential to be heard – it’s a shame to silence it.

And this is #WhyIvote

Monica Vila @theonlinemom


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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