A Simple, Easy Recipe for Traditional Latkes

I managed to avoid the kitchen for the better part of my childhood and teen years. As far as my mom was concerned, if I was studying, I didn’t have to be cleaning. (In retrospect, that didn’t work out so well for my cooking skills.) But on the Jewish holidays? No school = no homework = one of the rare times I was actually put to work on the assembly line of chopping, skinning, and frying the delicacy of the season. Come wintertime, that was potato pancakes, better known as latkes. YUM.

So this year, with my daughter taking an interest in the making of food and not just the eating of it, I decided to get her in on the hands-on activity. The result? Really, really messy fun.

Want to make latkes with your own brood? It’s easy! I don’t actually use measurements because it’s really a tactile experience (you know you’ve got the mixture right when your pre-cooked pancakes will hold their shape to be placed in the pan), but I’ve done my best to give you the proper amounts.

Here are the steps:

1.) Peel two cups of potatoes (I like to leave the skins on!), and if you plan on making a large batch, place them in ice water to prevent browning.

2.) Grate a tablespoon of onion, and add to the mix (you can also use dried onion).

3.) Drain and wring out your potatoes with cheesecloth or your hands, and add three eggs, two cups of flour, and about a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of pepper.

4.) Fill your skillet with about a half a cup of oil so it’s an inch or two thick in the pan, and heat until hot. Using a slatted spoon, form the pancakes and place them in the pan, browning then flipping until they’re as crispy as you like them. Serve with sour cream and apple sauce.

Check out our photo journey to latke heaven:

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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