A Typical Day?!? (Part 1)

My Sweet Boys
My Sweet Boys

I can’t really describe a “typical” day in my life. Probably because it’s not very “typical”. After years of being on a label who stopped releasing records, I finally had the opportunity to go out on my own. I wanted to make music. I wanted to be able to share it with the world. Due to my agreement upon parting with my label, I wasn’t able to go out and sign a record deal with another major company, so that meant, I had to be creative. I had to think outside the box. Step out of the safety net of a template and structure that was my way of life for years. Now, I have to start a new way of life.

Starting over, I often compare to graduating from school. Entering the world of the unknown. It’s invigorating, due to all the possibilities. I can write for TV commercials, soundtracks, sing on anyones album, record all types of music, release songs I wrote just for fun, include fans in the album making process. It’s also scary. I no longer have a team of people being paid for by a label. I have a smaller team, and they are all being paid by me. That can sometimes be a heavy load.

Everyone on the team HAS to do their job, and they don’t have the liberty of not delivering. Work doesn’t scare me. Nothing is “below” me. I will stuff envelopes, call radio stations, clean office space, etc. I work right along side my team who spend a great deal of time in the trenches. I give my best and expect my team to do the same. In this regard, at times, I can be considered a Bi*#h.

Today was a tough one. My mother needs constant care, so my day was: up at 4am, drive to town to do a radio show at 6am. I came home and got the boys out of bed and dressed for school, made their lunches, drove them to school, came home to a conference call, grabbed my computer and phone then headed to my mothers. I went over tour dates with my agent, approved new T shirt designs, reviewed advertising buyouts for my new album that’s coming out March 18. I helped my mother with every task, (she can no longer walk and care for herself), and in between all that, I was calling radio stations to let them know about my new single. Ironically called “A Womans Rant”. My husband picked the boys up from school, and I didn’t get back to the house until around 5, when I loaded up the family and took them all to the grocery store.

I say today was tough, not because of all of the stuff going on, but, because no matter how long I’ve been in the business people still shock me. When I reach out to a person who I considered a friend and they shut me down as if they don’t know me, it’s heartbreaking. When you ask someone for help and they don’t have the time to return a call, I can’t make sense of it. So, feeling battered, I took my kids to the grocery store, doing my very best not to break down and cry. Then:

He doesn’t care where my record sits on the chart. It doesn’t matter to him what photo is used in trade adds. He knows he gets a free cookie at the grocery store and that makes life the greatest. If I am ever asked how my kids have changed my life, I would have to say they show me what joy really is. Everyday they teach me what is important. What counts. What’s real.

I’m also learning to lean on God! Ha! But that’s a whole other post . 😉

He doesn't sit still often. When I get moments like this, I cherish them
He doesn’t sit still often. When I get moments like this, I cherish them


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