A Weekend Away

Today, we’re going out of town for a few days.   Just Sean and me, on a road trip to New Mexico.  Alone.  No kids, no pets, no Pack n Play, no diapers, no extra stickers and Cheerios.  It’s a belated celebration of Sean’s graduation from paramedic school.

It feels a little bit like a high school dance – exciting, nerve-racking, wondering if I should buy a new pair of shoes.  Not quite sure if I want to go…

Since Axel was born, I’ve only spent two nights without a kid – once when I was eight months pregnant with Jonas and Sean took Axel camping, and the second time when we were in the hospital the night before Jonas was born.  So I’m not sure if either of those counts, since having a martini was not a possibility.  It’s our first post-kids weekend getaway.

Three whole nights, without them.  Three whole nights to sleep, to go to a movie in a theater, to linger over dinner as long as we want, to go on hikes, to just hang out with my husband.  Three whole nights without getting to tuck our boys in, without  a sloppy kiss from Jonas and reading One Morning in Maine with Axel.  What will we even do to fill up that much time without going to the playground or breaking out the Legos?

I’ve been making lists, stocking the house with supplies, and doing a lot of baking, as I often do when I’m anxious, making Meal Cookies (as Axel’s dubbed my oatmeal cookies, which are a bit more meal-like as they’re made with less sugar and whole wheat flour).  The boys will be in my parents’ very capable hands, eating sleepover food – pancakes and bread, according to Axel, who hasn’t yet had a popcorn, Dorito, and John Hughes movie-filled sleepover to give him ideas about what’s an appropriate sleepover snack.  I’m sure they’ll have a great time.  It’s Sean and I who’ll miss them.

It’ll be great.  I think.  Yes, great.  Time with my husband, not to mention the sleep.  Oh, sleep.  How I’ve missed you.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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