A Year of My Life Chronicled By Hair Part II

So where did we leave off in Part I? My 5 year-old daughter had just shaved my head. The immediate reaction I had the next day was: My head is COLD! You don’t realize how much your hair keeps your head warm until you don’t have any.

Here’s after I lost my hair until today:

  • Awareness 1 of 20
    Oops....not me. But I can relate to her:
  • Social Experiements 2 of 20
    Social Experiements
    I started doing social experiments to see how people reacted to my baldness. Their reactions were all over the place.
  • Those Around Me 3 of 20
    Those Around Me
    I wore a scarf just a few times.....only so I made others feel comfortable around me. Although, I started to feel like a scarf screamed: CANCER!
  • Leelooo 4 of 20
    A friend gave me my one and only wig. I looked like Leeloo from Fifth Element crossed with Japanese Anime.
  • My Twin 5 of 20
    My Twin
    The only person I could really relate to was my baby niece.....she was pretty much bald too.
  • Shop Talk 6 of 20
    Shop Talk
    Who has time to think about hair? Life revolves around pooping when you have cancer.
  • Taking Its Toll 7 of 20
    Taking Its Toll
    There was a stage where I just looked sick all the time. I wore a bandana because my head turned neon yellow from the drugs. I had 8 hour long infusions every week. The hardest part was sitting still for 8 hours because the steroids kept me awake.
  • Looking Sick 8 of 20
    Looking Sick
    After my 2nd line of chemotherapy didn't work we went to a third line. I would escape outside for some sun because the hospital was freezing. I look like a scary cyborg!
  • In Bed 9 of 20
    In Bed
    There were way too many days spent like this in bed. So many of you kept me company though online!
  • Ric Flair 10 of 20
    Ric Flair
    You have to keep a sense of humor. As Ric Flair would say: This ain't no garden party.....
  • Last Day of Chemo 11 of 20
    Last Day of Chemo
    This was the morning of my last day of chemo. My sister was visiting. It was the end of 18 rounds straight. With the new cocktail of drugs my hair was already growing back a little.
  • Andy Warhol 12 of 20
    Andy Warhol
    Borrowing my sister's pony tail. Channeling Andy Warhol. Should I go blonde?!
  • Sprouts 13 of 20
    A little more progress.....
  • More Sprouts 14 of 20
    More Sprouts
    Finally enough hair for a shadow! I still get ready faster than my sweet hubby....
  • The Awkard Stage 15 of 20
    The Awkard Stage
    Most awkward "in-between" stage of hair growth. I spoke at the SNAP blogging conference in Salt Lake City and decided to go without any head covering.....despite the glare on my head. It was great to talk about blogging and business and not cancer for once!
  • Buzzed 16 of 20
    This was May 2012. 2 months after chemotherapy.
  • Crew Cut 17 of 20
    Crew Cut
    I finally had a full on crew cut. Questionable parenting decisions with the "beer delivery girl" dress.
  • Getting Stronger 18 of 20
    Getting Stronger
    July 2012. Regaining my physical strength. Now people just think I cut my hair short on purpose. Doesn't it look like I got a spray tan? I didn't.
  • July 2012 19 of 20
    July 2012
    I borrowed my nephew's hair cut: the faux hawk.
  • Today 20 of 20
    My fierce look. My first haircut post chemo is scheduled for tomorrow.....because the back is starting to resemble a mullet!

Where did the last 12 months go?! Looking back at all those photos I barely remember it all. I feel tougher today than ever though. I think that’s why I’m feeling more ME than ever. I wrote a few months ago that cancer can be awesome. I know not everyone will understand that. Anyway, today I’m leaning more towards the Lisbeth Salander look.

Now I just need a few tattoos.


Make sure to check out Losing Their Hair! A collection of photos documenting hair loss due to breast cancer, brain tumors, lymphoma, ovarian cancer etc.


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