Abercrombie & Fitch May be the Worst Ever

You’ve probably heard about the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch making some charming statements about how he doesn’t want to sell his clothes to kids that aren’t cool, hot or “All-American” (whatever the hell that even means). Also, no females above a size 8 are allowed because clearly someone who wears a size 10 is a HUGE FATTY and really bad for business.

What cracks me up is that this edict comes from a guy who’s appearance has been described as “what Gary Busey would look like if he went bobbing for apples in a tub full of bees.” Myself, I see him more as old Biff from Back to the Future. In either case, FUNNY. Because get it – he can’t wear his own clothes? 

Obviously there are some serious issues that his statements should draw attention to. For a serious reaction, you can read this or this or even this. My reaction is more like: REALLY? REALLY?! GAH!  I’m definitely bigger than a size 8 as well as being someone who is too old and un-cool to wear these clothes. But you know what? I have three very attractive, very skinny children. And guess what they don’t have? EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR A FREAKING HOODY. I’m guessing their CEO missed the day at business school when they talked about not insulting and alienating the people who actually fund your business by buying your products.

A & F may be the worst clothing company in the history of ever. Let’s not forget about this (from an excellent article in the Columbia Journalism Review that I highly recommend):

The company has veered between provocation and outright offensiveness. Half-naked teenage models are passé these days, but push-up bikini tops and thongs saying “eye candy” marketed to 7 year old girls are not, nor are T-shirts with Asian caricatures touting their imaginary laundry service above the tag line “TWO WONGS CAN MAKE IT WHITE.”

Oh my sweet baby lemur. “TWO WONGS CAN MAKE IT WHITE.” I just can’t even… And they’re sexing up little kids and harassing their employees and being horrible. It’s so bad it’s almost funny. Because it’s not like any of this stuff is new. They’ve been sucky for a long time (in fact the statements that made everyone so mad are from a 2006 interview).  I looked at some of their ads (old and new) and had some thoughts. Check it out:

  • Let’s get started… 1 of 11
    Let's get started...
  • All righty then. 2 of 11
    All righty then.
    If you go looking for A & F images, you're going to find a lot of naked dudes. In fact, a google image search for "Abercrombie images" yielded more than a little adults-only content. It was kind of gross. My laptop wanted to take a shower because it felt dirty.
  • Not just the dudes. 3 of 11
    Not just the dudes.
    Of course not! This image of a topless woman is selling clothes, you guys. Because that makes sense.
  • Yuck factor 4 of 11
    Yuck factor
    So many of the models look really young. Like way too young to be half naked.
  • Come on. 5 of 11
    Come on.
    One look at this shot and you can see why my image search turned up so many gross websites.
  • Please keep your hands RIGHT there. 6 of 11
    Please keep your hands RIGHT there.
    Seriously, sweetie. Don't move them. I don't want to see anything else.
  • I don’t understand. 7 of 11
    I don't understand.
    If the shirts really do have buttons, do they work? Because that's not clear.
  • Not just the shirts. 8 of 11
    Not just the shirts.
    It's the jackets and the hoodies, too. It's just weird. I mean if I saw a guy dressed like this in the winter, I'd be like "Do you need some help? Because you forgot your clothes and it's cold out, sweetie."
  • They’re precious. 9 of 11
    They're precious.
    I'm supposed to over-pay for jeans so my kids can feel like they identify with these images and be cool? That makes total sense. Good call, Abercrombie.
  • Gross 10 of 11
    Please. Just no.
  • Meet Mike Jeffres. 11 of 11
    Meet Mike Jeffres.
    Don't you love him? I bet he feels awesome right now. I think he's having a really great week.

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All these images are from the Abercrombie & Fitch Models Facebook Fanpage.








Article Posted 3 years Ago

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